Portulacaria afra flowers - not too often

Vista, CA

There is a little known secret to encouraging them to flower.
Anybody care to guess?

Thumbnail by thistlesifter
Lima, OH

Good job on the morphed faces! LOL!

The flowers are gorgeous. Share your secret with us!


Vista, CA

This plant seldom gets watered in the summer. Winter rains are enough to make monster plants out of it and it has to be pruned heavily.

So in the heat of summer after 6 weeks of no water if the plant is sprayed over the sprinkler oversprays it will flower on the north east side.

Discovered completely by accident. What a great show it puts on . It is so high on the Aloe hill (back ground screening) that we seldom see it.

Was walking the garden with daughter and was pleasantly surprised to see it bursting in flowers from the watering 2 days earlier.

That's the secret.

Many people have told me they had never seen it flower, nor had I in all the years we've had the plant before it accidentally got watered by the sprinkler system a few years ago.

Austin, TX

Beautiful plant, beautiful flowers. Excellent info if I could grow them in the ground but cannot here in central TX---but I have some large ones in pots maybe I'll try something like your suggestion. There are many drought-adapted plants that respond by flowering when a period of drought is ended by rain---Ocotillo, Leucophyllum frutescens---Purple sage.

Lewiston, MN

That's a beauty! I don't think I can make the blooming secret work for me, but I sure like the look of the results from your neck o'the woods!

So that's you and your daughter in the picture? I can definitely see the family resemblance ;)

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

Quite frankly the faces weird me out. I gotta go walk the dogs.

Vista, CA

Glad you liked the morph. Daughter, who is a recent new DG member, might not wanna see her own pretty face without her permission.

Hi Jen,
The plant takes over here. 2 years ago we had over 20 tons of it removed along 80' of the back fence. It has be be dug out from deep roots. Winter rains give it all the moisture it needs. Classic definition of a super weed. The variegated version is quite nice here and makes a fine ground cover for small contained edges like a parking strip.

'Family resemblence?' yes we do have these unique smiles! Good guess on the daughter! The dude is not me!

My guess was right the flowers were overpowered by the morph-job. LOL so walking the dog is the answer!

funny one man.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

There are currently no picts in the Plant Files of those flowers.
I think it would be good if you entered some in.

Vista, CA

will do that. thanks for the idea.


St Joseph, IL(Zone 5b)

I'm going to go walk my dog too! (OH, I don't have one) but...
Love the beautiful pink flowers. That must be some site to see. 20 tons!!! Goodness.
Nice to have your daughter here too.

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

The faces with the modified schnozolas reminded me of this pic. My apologies for posting it.

Thumbnail by AnalogDog
Vista, CA

The dog thing again... ..lol
Thanks for the comments. Sherri (daughter) is finding herself on DG when she has time. She does Alpine xerophytes. Her house is at 7500' elevation and her landscape is Native plants from nearby locale.

So now I understand your handle. It has been one of those questions that one doesn't want to ask because there is some concern about whether the answer would be less entertaining than the suspense. Its very funny actually

It does put your comment about 'taking the dog for a walk' in a little different light.

A superb morphing trick...


Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

Actually, that pic has travelled the net from Timbuktu to Tierra del Fuego, and I have nothing to do with it other than getting grossed out by it. But your morphing had me similarly grossed out.

AnalogDog is just a handle that I use on the net that no one else seems to have copied yet. It started as TriDog in my triathlon years, AlphaTriDog during my Ebay years, and became AnalogDog after all that was over. I only had 2 dogs, and found out that I was Alpha nothing.

It makes little sense to you all, but saves me from being Rob45912 or something like that. And besides, since it is my handle, I know where I have been. And really, I am more analog than digital, and more doggish than cattish. I am also more pizza than pasta, and more ice cream than cake. And more crassula than cacti. But I am not more Euphorbic than Epiphyllic

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