Moving maple tree/Japanese tree lilac question

Brownfield, ME(Zone 4b)

Helping with a school planting and would like to move a maple tree, a small possible sugar maple about 2" around. It was planted about 3 years ago by the last principal so I need to keep it but it is in a horrible spot. First should I do it and how? Also we purchased a 8-10' clump of Syringa reticulata{japanese tree lilac} there are a lot of small branches near the bottom should I prune them so I get more of a tree shape instead of a bush shape and if I do should I wait till the tree gets established?
Thanks in advance,lanie

Saint Helen, MI(Zone 5a)

I would move the maple in the spring.
The lilac to me is a personal choice... I personally would go for more of a tree look.

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