winter hardy cacti - Zone 6

Elberfeld, IN(Zone 6a)

Just wondered if anyone is growing winter hardy cacti - Zone 6........I have a couple opuntia, agave, trunked yucca and hesperaloe (not a cacti, but desert type plants )

this is a red hesperalo flower stalk - also have a yellow one, but it is a young plant and has not bloomed yet

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Louisville, KY

Hey there, just an opuntia and an ice plant. I'm always on the lookout for something I won't have to stuff inside over the winter. There doesn't seem to be much that can take Ohio Valley winters. But thankfully I haven't looked everywhere yet.

Elberfeld, IN(Zone 6a)

there are several cacti type of plants that survive - the secret is good location and EXCELLENT drainage - there is a wonderful book by John Spain - "Growing Winter Hardy Cacti in Cold/Wet Conditions" that has a lot of good info in it - has it, however, I got my from a guy on EBAY - my info is downstairs - if you would want that contact, let me know....where in LSVL are you? I am due West on I-64

Louisville, KY

Wonderful jrwbirds. Thanks. See, if we don't look everywhere, then there are always surprises. lol
I checked around for that book and Amazon seems to be the only one that has it. If your contact is cheaper, then yes, I'd love the info.

I'm in Crescent Hill. Seems like I've heard of Elberfeld. What's it near? You are in the same zone as me, so trading growing info should be a breeze. Not much adjusting.
Thanks again for the book tip. :0)

Elberfeld, IN(Zone 6a)

plantgeek - Elberfeld is near nothing and we love it !!! The fellow I got my book from is on EBAY - his ID is bearfootcactus and he has this book listed now - also, this same fellow sells cacti cuttings and agave pups that are from the mtns of Idaho and other high elevation sources, so they are cold tolerant - the trick is to keep the moisture in check....I had gotten several cuttings from him last year and kept them in the greenhouse over the winter - then we had such a wet spring - will get them out real soon. His prices are very reasonable, his plants are fine and he is generous with his cuttings - would highly recommend him as a source - and he is a wealth of information - we have had many email exchanges -

Louisville, KY

Coolbeans. I'll give him a look. This sounds like it's gonna be fun. Mercy buckets.
So, how do you keep the moisture in check with things in the ground?

Being near nothing certainly can be a wonderful thing. We've often wished...And I could avoid the temptation to dig up the neighbors unused lot and have at it. lol
Thanks again for eveything. My superior psychic senses tell me that this weeks' pay check is going to be given to a bear with a cactus on its foot.
Keep us updated with your cacticuli endeavors.

Central, NJ(Zone 6b)

jrwbirds, you may want to check out this recent thread about cold hardy cacti & succulents:
Down this thread there are lists of many cold-hardy plants and internet sources.

Elberfeld, IN(Zone 6a)

bagel_k thank you for the link - had not found it when looking earlier - there is a lot of good info there !!

Louisville, KY

Ooooooooh, I'm gonna have to sell a kidney! So many plants, so few organs.
Thanks for the post bagel_k. :0) I had no idea there was such variety.
Jrwbirds, a copy of the book is on the way. Thanks again for that.

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