Led down the (rocky) garden path.

Chillicothe, OH

got a minor structure problem: attempted to make a path through my new rose garden with stones and the sand they sell you're supposed to put between bricks in a brick path? And it was less than successful. Not sure where I got the idea that sand would set up hard. anyway, some of the stones don't sit so well. I guess I should dig under them a little more.

Any suggestions what I could do alternatively? I have to use generic stones, fairly basic hand tools and a Mantis. I can get basic play sand...ideas? Here's a pic of th--where's the thingy to add photos? Hmph. fat lot of good this is going to be if you can't see what i'm talking a bout.


Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Hi Melis, I would probably post your question in the Beginner Landscaping forum instead--this forum is for talking about the Landscaping.com website so your question would fit better in the Beginner Landscaping forum (plus it gets a lot more traffic than this forum does, so a lot more people will see your question) You can also upload photos over there.

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