Anyone have help for a bee-sting?

Craryville, NY

Didn't even know this forum existed! WOW! I have been wanting to learn the art of beekeeping. But for now: I was stung yesterday (for the first time in my long life!) by a bumblebee. Don't know if she was a humble-bumble or a wood-bumble, but she managed to place the stinger at least 1/4" deeper than the entry point. I used a drawing salve last night, but now the area is swollen, red and really uncomfortable. Between ring finger and pinkie. Does anyone have advice for removing the stinger?????????

Craryville, NY

Was looking at another thread here that spoke about removing stingers by scraping the skin...problem is that this stinger is DEEP in the palm pad directly under the ring-finger and pinkie finger - PLEASE HELP! I am ASUUMING the bumbles have stingers....

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