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Journal Feb 14,2001

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope all you ladies get lots of chocolate! Real warm here this morning in the 70's. It will climb up to 80*...yippie! Just wish it wasn't so wet around here, we got a heavy down pour yesterday. I hope Jewel is doing fine, haven't seen much of her lately. I know she was in lambing season, I guess she is keeping busy. You folks have a great day today! Blessings! LIsa

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Good morning Lisa and everyone. No chocolate yet but I did get a message written on the bathroom mirror and a pretty card. The day is just beginning so maybe there will be some chocolate yet! It is a chilly 4* here. No wind, the sun is up and it looks like it will be a nice bright day. Dave and Trish I hope your house will be repaired soon. Having a car come through your wall has gotta be a rude experience! Thank God nobody was hurt. I didn't notice any interruption in service other than not being to get my local dial up connection for several hours (it happens a lot here but I think we have the best one in this area if that tells you anything!) Today I will take a loaf of banana bread to my neighbor who comes to plow our driveway when it snows a lot or when the wind puts big drifts in the driveway. Sometimes we can't get through them with the tractor, they get packed hard. We plow when we have normal winter conditions. Well come to think of it snowdrifts are very normal here. How many miles does spring advance per day? Winter is getting long! More snow is forecast in the next few days. Everyone have fun today.

(Zone 6a)

Raining and mid 50's here.Have the school party at 2 then off to work 3-11. This is the last party that I get to do or go to. My baby goes to Junior high next year. No more school parties for mom.. Maybe I can chaparone the school dances..I can see it now, My kid's will never live it down.They other kid's think I am a cool mom but my guys don't.........At least I am not "stupied" yet.. Getting close...

southeast, NE

Good morning! I'm here. The last week has been very crazy. Dh and dd went to a cattle show last weekend (Thurs - Sunday night) I believe I had more sheep problems during those 4 days then we did the previous 4 weeks. We had 5 ewes that lambed (one ended up with mastitis, two ewes rejected one of their lambs), a ewe got sick and died, I found a dead lamb, etc. etc. On top of this on Friday we had 12 inches of snow on top of sleet and snow. Monday I stuck my hand into a scalpel that my dh used to lance open a lamb (grrrr - better not ask!) so I had to go in yesterday to get a tetanus shot. And guess what - last night we received more ice and it's snowing again. I will quit feeling sorry for myself especially when I hear of other peoples troubled. My dd's grade school music teacher's husband was killed in car accident during snow storm. He had driven all the way from St Paul, Minn and was killed only two miles from home. He was the father of 3 kids. Please keep that family in your prayers! Well I need to go - I am so far behind on my office work. You all take care and for those of you with the gorgeous weather - enjoy it!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

happy valentines day to everyone, no choclate here, but I got my passionflower vine,pink primrose,rex begonia and heidi heather! I picked them all out and said this is what i want! =] Hubby is looking for a earnhardt car for himself!
Tonight is team districts so theres no time for special dinners(like we eat during wrestling season)or anything else. hugz n kissez later ;]
Today its very foggy and misting-rain and snow are expected today with a high of 36 expected-tomorrow 29! If spring is travling 16 miles a day-how close is it to me!?!
Welcome to all the newbies here at davesgarden~~wave~~~
Jump right in-we luv sharing here! Anything goes!
everyone have a great day n keep your fingers crossed for my wrestling team tonight!

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

jewel-thoughts n prayers go out to you n the family of your music teacher. We just experienced this here with the last storm.
Hang in there girl!

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

Just wanted to clear up:
The car didn't go through our house! Now, THAT would have been terrible!! I think the guy just took down the telephone pole, and landed in the field. No one was hurt, but we were without a phone for a couple of days. DG server is not in our house, so that's why there was no interuption here (just the loss of us-hehehe).
The phone company finished setting us up with a temperary fix about an hour or so ago, and they'll put up new poles and lines sometime.

Everyone have a great day!!!


Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Mary again, Oops, I misread what Dave wrote about the car crash. When my pea brain put in an extra word, the "car crashed in front of our house" that Dave wrote, became "car crashed in the front" and I am certainly glad I was wrong, but embarrased for not going back to be sure of what I was reading. I am really sorry folks. (It reminds me of that game of gossip we played in school). I'm glad it turned out to not be so bad. A fellow we know really had that happen, a car came right through his barber shop window, and he had just enough time and room to avoid it. He was shaking for hours, and said things usually aren't that exciting in his line of work.

Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

We are going to celebrate Valentines Day at Grand Casino
Avoyellles in Marksville, La. , about 40 miles from here.
They have the finest buffet around. I eat myself into a coma every time we go.
We go about once every 2 months or so. Usually we play the slots for a while, eat and play a little longer and then home to reality.
Happy Valentines Day to all!
Bud and Connie

Well, I went to the Big City today (Atlanta). Left at 8am and got home at 6pm. Transplanted a crepe myrtle out of our Atlanta house to bring back.

I also stole some cuttings and a couple various perennial plants out of my landscaping. You know... it's a wierd thing to steal plants from one of your houses to move them to another house (in another state).

Had an appt. with the eye doctor today. It was the 3 month followup to my LASIK surgery. My vision is still 20/16! YAY!

Bought Trish a gigantic valentines balloon. It took up the entire cab of my truck. :)


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