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Another motherless plant on Craigslist

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

Now this one is ugly in my opinion, and I am posting it just to make fun of it. The owner wants to sell it for $150. And it is a pretty big Beaucarnea recorvata, but still. Its ugly.

Thumbnail by AnalogDog
Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)


Austin, TX

Actually, I don't think it's ugly---potentially a fairly interesting large bonsai plant. However the price is ridiculous. Nolina recurvata grows fairly fast and can be purchased small for small bucks---even largish for very reasonable bucks. I sold a 3-4' tall one for $40. this spring.

But I understand your need/desire to rescue plants---I do the same thing.

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

beautiful plant!!
I love it!
Pricey yah....

Colton, CA(Zone 8b)

I agree that plant is not ugly. It has character. Would not pay that price for it.

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

You guys don't see that bulbous base to be pretty weird? My personal thought was that the horizontal spike must have been grown by setting the pot on the side, and keeping it that way for awhile.

I think I would prune off the horizontal shoot, and see if a semi normal vertical shoot can be grown.

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Colton, CA(Zone 8b)

It's that bulbous base that gives it character. If it was set free from that pot it might do wonderful things. I have seen them over fifteen feet high with bases much bigger than that. Growing multiple shoots (trunks) is not unusual but I admit growing horizontally is unique.

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mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

i think it's very cool looking and i like it just like it is but 150? yikes!

Colton, CA(Zone 8b)

Just had a thought. Are you sure that is recurvata? Maybe another
Beaucarnia, like gracilis or ?.

Plumiedelphia, PA(Zone 7a)

I turn my caudicaforms and roll them when I lift them to add that character lol!!

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

Yeah, I noticed the leaves seemed narrower to me. But without really looking at it, its hard to say.

Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

So you guys got me looking around at other Beaucarneas and I found this: . Personally I think it is quite nice. And looking at another site, I found other plants like this one I have been panning, and have to say my heart has softened for that little plant.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)


Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

Revisiting this thread, I've just thought of another explanation for the shape of this plant. I think it has been indoors for a long time in the same position with a window to one side of it. The horizontal shoot is from the plant reaching for the light from the window. The lack of proper lighting would explain why the leaves look over extended and floppy as well.

Here is a picture of a Beaucarnea in the Adelaide Botanic gardens which I took back in April. This is by no means the largest Beaucarnea growing there, but it is certainly one of the prettiest. If you need a sense of scale, that is my mum lying on the grass next to it, and she is about 5 foot tall, so that is one big caudex!

Ciao, KK.

Thumbnail by Kaelkitty
Colton, CA(Zone 8b)

See what happens when you set it free from it's pot. What a marvelous photo. I bet you saw lots of other good things there.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

bravo! what a fabulous plant and picture!

Adelaide, Australia(Zone 10a)

Glad you liked it, guys. I have been visiting the Adelaide Botanic Gardens for over 40 years and this tree was not small, even back in those days, so it is pretty old. I am trying to write an article on my visit this year but I have been a bit side tracked as I am currently doing some research on the Genus Manfreda. Hopefully once that is done I will get back to this topic and you will get to see a lot more photos from that day.


Mountlake Terrace, WA(Zone 8a)

I just browsed the Adelaide Botanic Gardens in Google Earth looking at the Panoramio images. I have to say that is one amazing place. I also saw in the images several plants that could have been a Beaucarneas. And they were not small in the least.

I wonder what the biggest one looks like?

Las Cruces, NM(Zone 8a)

Kaelkitty...You pic made my mouth drop! Wow! Great post! I thought one we saw several years ago in Madrid was large. NOOOO comparison.

AnalogDog...I liked your strange "Pony Tail Palm. I have a friend who could make a gorgeous plant outa this'n. But...he would not be interested in the price.

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