Cross Pollinator for Dwarf Winesap Apple Tree???

Chillicothe, OH

We planted a dwarf Winesap apple tree this year. It is doing well. After planting it we noticed on the tag that it requires another apple tree as a pollinator. Winesaps have sterile pollen and won't self-pollinate nor pollinate other trees.

I've read that crabapple trees will work, and we have one. I don't know, however, if the blossom period of the two is the same, and I don't know when either really puts out blossoms. This is our first year for the Winesap tree.

Will the crabapple likely be sufficient? It is about 50 feet away on the other side of a row of bushes about 4 feel lower, but I don't think that would be a problem for bees to get form one to the other in a day's time.

If the crabapple isn't sufficient, what other types of apple tree might give us a similar flavor and texture profile to the Winesap? If I have to plant another tree, it might as well be somethig similar that I like, as the WInesap is my favorite apple.

My understanding is that you can't use the same type of apple for cross pollination. Is this true? If it's OK to use another Winesap, that would be my first choice.

If we need a second apple tree (assuming that the crabapple tree won't do the job), ideally I would prefer to get something that won't need a third tree to pollinate the second one, something that will self-pollinate.

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Baltimore, MD

Melissande, crabapples tend to have a big enough and long enough bloom to pollinate most apples. I would suggest that route, as there are very few self-fertile apples and even those ones are better off with a pollinator. Winesap is a mid-season bloomer so that makes it more likely to get pollinated -- my impression is nearly all apples will overlap unless you have one early one and one late one. 50' away is fine.

If you want to plant another apple for pollination just to be sure, Grimes Golden is a very good self-fertile apple and Jonathan is partly self-fertile. Another Winesap tree is genetically identical to your existing tree -- they ultimately were just parts of the same one original winesap tree, and so there will be no pollination.


Anna, IL

Golden Delicious is a good polinator. The old time orchard guys here used to plant 1 golden for every 40 or 50 winesaps.

Chillicothe, OH

Thanks very much for the info. --M

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