Let's meet the new folks

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

It's time to meet you if you are new here. We had a similiar thread a while back, but if you missed it please tell us something about yourself, your farm or your dreams, what you grow and stuff like that. Here, have a seat and some coffee.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Yes, please tell us who you are! I can see we have lots of folks looking in on the farm forum, we would love to have you join in! You don't have to own a farm to join us! The more folks we have the more fun we have! Please don't be shy! Lisa

Batchelor, LA(Zone 8b)

I'll have a cup of the coffee and a big chunk of that
King Cake, please.
Thank you Maam!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hey there Bud, glad you checked in...lets see, I have blueberry cremecheese, my favorite!!!! YUMMY!

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Hi! I found Dave's a couple of weeks ago and have been busy uploading my seed list and working on my journal. Growing, saving, and swapping seeds is my passion. I've been doing it for about 5 years now.

In December 1999 we (my husband, myself, and our 6 yr old daughter) moved to my husband's family's farm. It's owned by his 94 yr old grandfather who still lives here in the main farmhouse. We put a mobile home here but had to get special permission and jump through county hoops. It is only approved on a temporary basis. Only until Grandpa dies or is moved elsewhere.

The farm is 138 acres and has been in the family for about 120 years. It was originally a 160 acre homestead but some was sold off. The soil is nearly pure sand. It's been share-cropped for over 20 years. It's terribly eroded and subject to heavy chemical application since they plant it in corn and soybeans every year. We hope to grow cash crops on a small portion, we're building up the soil now, and planting the rest in pasture/green manure to preserve it. There's an old plum orchard that we hope to rejuvenate but that will be a BIG job!

We planted our seed stock of garlic this past fall and will plant that back again this fall to increase our stock. Will do that for two or three years and then sell our garlic commercially to local food coops and/or restaurants. Other cash crops we're considering are peppers and eggplant, they do so well here. Melons are a big crop locally but we want to do something different.

In the meantime my husband is in trucking (owns several trucks) and I homestead and homeschool our daughter. I had a baby boy last St. Patricks Day. Learned I have small cell lung cancer last October and am being treated for that. My gardening may be a little limited this year but I'm getting better all the time and hope to have this licked by the end of the year.

I am enjoying this site very much and appreciate the invitation to introduce myself! Thanks for the opportunity.

Nichols, IA - zone 5a

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

We are glad to meet you Alison. Who else is lurking out there? Anybody just dreaming? Come on in, coffee's on, or is iced tea better?

Efland, NC(Zone 7a)

Forgive me folks for buttin' in...I ain't been "new" for quite some time...(I'm as old as my mouth and a bit older than my teeth)...just want to say a big hello and welcome to Allison! Sounds like you have quite a project in your life right now. Hang in there, have fun! Keep smiling! See you right here on DG! 'kay?

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hi ya' Alison, so glad you told us about yourself. You have a wonderful outlook. Sound like you have your hand full! Please join in with us as we would love to hear more about your farm, little ones and your quick recovery! Blessings, Lisa

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8b)

Alison, welcome to Dave's Garden! We're very glad to have you here! There are lots of us stay-at-home moms, and several who also homeschool. Not to mention, _everyone_ has a garden of some sort, so you'll fit in wonderfully. Jump right in here, everyone is super friendly!


Hughesville, MO(Zone 5a)

Hi, Allison. We're homeschoolers too. We have a 12 year old grandsone living with us. We use Alpha Omega Switched On SchoolHouse because he fights doing paper work so terribly.
I hope we hear from you often. Have you thought of raised beds? You can raise so much in a small area with a lot less work and water! We just went to raised beds and yardening about 2 1/2 years ago.
Welcome aboard.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the kind welcomes, everyone!!
We've been gone to the hospital all day and it's nice to come home to friends and well-wishes.
The radiation machine was broken down today and we hung around town all day in hopes that it would be fixed. Today was supposed to be my last treatment. Guess I'll be going back tomorrow - if it's fixed. I did get an opportunity to visit the Barnes and Noble while I was there. Purchased a book on butterfly ID'ing and one on herb garden design. I like the second one, it talks about and illustrates the use of more unusual medicinal type herbs instead of just typical culinary ones. Guess I should hop on over to the new herb forum and get something started while I'm excited about this :-)
Leaf, I would love raised beds but my hubby and his family still believe in row crops, even in the family vegetable plot. I'm having difficulty getting them to accept my methods of gardening in beds. I'm not too worried about water, I try to stick with drought tolerant plants since we have full sun and sandy (or is it well-draining ;-)) soil. If I have to water, at least it's free. We have a sand point driven for our water supply.
Homeschooling a 12 yr old has to much more difficult than with a 6 yr old! Our daughter begs to do her schoolwork, be it written or otherwise. We are using Jump Start workbooks and I bought some of their software as well. It's great, adjusts to her capabilities and gives me a report card on them as well. She's been using the computer since she was 3, longer than her dad ;-).
Well, I have gotten a little longwinded here! I know another newbie to Dave's who farms/homesteads here in Iowa as well. I'll encourage her to introduce herself!

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Alison, so glad you checked in...I hope all goes well tomorrow. Please let us know how it went, as I am keeping you in my prayers :>) Does your little boy have anyone else around there his age? The reason I am asking is because I am really thinking about homeschooling my little girl (3 years old). I get a lot of people telling me I should not because she is (and will be)the only child. She has no one to play with, except me, I am her favorite toy! I feel bad about her not having playmates. I am just worried about her not being "social" as many folks tell me. I hear lots of that. I am also a stay at home mom. Lisa

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Alison and other new folks, check out this thread. It gives you info. on who we all are!http://davesgarden.com/showthread/farmlife/2524.html

Hi Alison
Would ya mind if I took over that trailer after you move into the main house? 138 acres is my kinda place!!!
Welcome and enjoy!
Minnie (Janice)

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Thank you for the prayers, Lisa. They are appreciated more than you can know.
Actually, it's my daughter that I'm homeschooling. And no, there isn't anyone nearby that is even close to her age. At least no one we know. Everyone at our church is elderly, people with kids just don't go to church anymore. I have her dual enrolled at the public school, but our public school is 20 miles away, not even in Nichols (our nearest town). Since it is so far, she's only participated, so far, in one field trip. AND, since it's so far away, the kids in her assigned class don't even live near us. Our school district doesn't have any homeschooling assistance or support groups. I missed the deadline to transfer her to a larger district that's just a little further away. That district is where her grandparents live and has a wonderful homeschooling program. Yes, I do worry about her not having playmates. She doesn't even have cousins close in age. Hopefully we will find a support group that will help provide opportunity for social interaction. If not, I should try to start one up. But I don't feel that socialization even comes close to education in importance. And I feel that I can provide a better education for my children than public school can. Private school is a different story but not an option for us.
My daughter did have the opportunity of a wonderful preschool/daycare for 2-1/2 years so she knows what she's missing. That makes it worse than it would be for your daughter. At least she doesn't know anything else. And if you don't mind being her favorite toy then just enjoy it. So many mothers lose that closeness with their children early on.
Minnie: You're right! We are so lucky to have this place practically given to us. It will technically belong to my FIL but we will live here in exchange for just paying the taxes. Eventually it will be ours. I've often thought it would be wonderful to live somewhere where I could garden year round but I'd rather have my own farm! However... the trailer must be physically removed from here per the county zoning commission. Too bad!!
I failed to mention that we are playing at being chicken farmers. First thing last spring we picked up our first batch of meat bird chicks at the farm supply store. Also got 2 New Hampshire Reds. We butchered off all but the 1 Red hen. In the late summer we ordered lots of different types from Murray McMurray. Butchered about half of those and now have 23 hens and 2 roosters. Our hens are laying pretty good for winter, we're getting close to 18 eggs a day. So pretty, brown and greens (from the Aracaunas), but it's tough to use up so many eggs!

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Thanks, Lisa, for the thread. It's great to read about everyone - gotta get back and finish up. I love it!!

southeast, NE

Welcome Alison - I'm your neighbor to the east (Nebraska). I'm lazy and don't want to get the atlas. Where is Nichols?
I admire you doing the homeschooling. I don't believe my dd and I would have gotten along well enough to homeschool. For the most part, I was happy with her public school education.

I have a suggestion for socialization and that is 4-H. I am a big fan of 4-H. My dd was active for 11 years. Last year was her last year and I am going to miss it. I know that Iowa has an excellent 4-H program as my sister lives there. I'm not sure what the minimum age is. In Nebraska, 7 year olds can be peewee members. My dd became friends in 4-H with several homeschooled kids. Nebraska also has a record book award program and I have helped judge those in the past. There were several homeschooled children who used 4-H projects in conjunction with their school classes.

By the way, we were in the same boat as you were. When we got married, we moved on my dh's family farm and lived in a trailer. We saved and built our dream house 7 years ago.

Nichols, IA(Zone 5a)

Hi, Jewel! Nichols is between Iowa City and Muscatine over here on the east side of the state.

In addition to my two smaller children I also have an older son - he'll be 19 at the end of this month. He attended public school and had a terrible time in the early grades. Just didn't learn any study skills. He attended what was called a "fundamental school" (local neighborhood school - public school experiment) for a couple of years and it made a world of difference. The children were required to dress nicely (collared shirts and no jeans for the boys, dresses/skirts for girls) and the teachers were strict. My son's teacher the first year was a black man who was a pastor in addition to being a teacher. For some reason he really got through to my son. After that Mike had more respect for teachers and learning. He still majored in socialization, as I always put it, but at least put some effort into his schoolwork.

4-H... I was just thinking about that yesterday. I hear the beginning age is 8 but we could have a peewee classification. I'll have to find out where the nearest local chapter is. Thanks for the idea, it's great.

Thanks for sharing your story about the family farm, it's nice to know we're not alone. We still own property in Davenport. I hated to leave it, it's two acres in the city, very rare, and I saw more wildlife there than we see out here in the country. But I love the country life! I think we'll stay ;-)


Greenfield, IN(Zone 5b)

Hi guys, I'm only fairly new to DG, but have just recently started peeking around the farm forum. I only have about 1/2 acre (including the house). One of these days....Well it took us 5 years to get out of the city and stop renting. I am a stay at home mom also. Adam is 6 & in kindergarten, Will is 3 and well - he's 3. We live in a small town, no stores, banks, restaurants, etc. but it only takes me about 10-15 minutes to get to the ammenities. The main part of town consists of 3 roads about a city block long each. All around in farmland. Cows, sheep, horses. etc. I have been here 6 months and am still amazed when I see the farm animals on my way home. I signed Adam up for mini 4-H the other day, and there were lambs, lamas, chickens, rabbits, and others just running around the place, obviously I have a lot to get used to - but I love it. The schools are better, the air is fresher, the neighbors are good. What more could I ask for? Oh I miss my city water, on a well & it kind of stinks (sulfur), we have super filtered water in the kitchen sink so that's what we drink. Rust stains everywhere!!!!! Super Iron Out to the rescue. I really do love it here but hopefully we can find some more land in the future. It wouldn't bother me a bit not to see my neighbors house. Julie

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

Hey Julie, glad you are here...I am a stay at home mom too! I think most of us here are! I also have a 3 year old, that is well--A 3 YEAR OLD!!! So I do know where you are coming from! Glad you'll be joining us!

Saint Martinville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hi to all,
No farm; just 1/2 acre of land to play around with in my old age. Can't play with the big dogs like I used to so we're downsizing but still have a few satsuma trees going and small garden plans for the spring and bulbs to plant but you know how that goes: I'll probably have things going all over the place by end of summer.
Hi JustmeLisa:
A little egret bird told me that you tasted bayou water somewhere around Thibodeaux down the bayou. I'm in St. Martinville and when we have crawfish boils or I'm sitting in our little boat under the cypress trees catching catfish I just wonder what the poor people are doing and know that I'm right next door to heaven. lol Actually, CajuninKy. welcomed me to the forums and told me to look you up. Said you would be glad to hear from another Cajun.
So Hi to you and have a very nice Sunday.
Thanks to all of you for all the good info you supply.

Johnson City, TX(Zone 8b)

I'm relatively new to farming. Trying to find our niche. :oPI come
from dairy farmers in Ohio, and tobacco and everything else
farmers from Georgia. I spent summers working at both
places, and have it deeply rooted in my genes. I bought this
3 acres 6 years ago, married my longtime sweetheart 2
years ago, and we are slowly getting fences up and adding
onto the barn. We have a couple goats and a horse, some quail
and chickens, but not really enough room to run goats. There
are many farmer's markets within reasonable distances, and
I am starting with the eggs and quail. I will be looking in on
the market growers forum for tips and advice, and my first
goal is to start small and provide for our needs and close
family as much as possible. I am hoping it is a gradual process,
this learning. I would very much like to sell quail to some of
our local restaurants, there are a few that offer game, and
our area is populated in abundance with bed and breakfasts
and tourists. We put in a small vegetable garden in the early
fall, and I have several flower beds I'm working on building
up. It's very rocky where we are, with some pockets of good
soil here and there. Getting things started is a job, as we
need to bring in dirt for any gardens of size. The first 4 years
went slow, as it was just me doing the work, with occasional
help from my DS and DIL for bigger jobs. Now that DH is
almost fully acclimated to farm life, we are ramping up the
tempo a bit, and learning much along the way.
I have been a DG member since September, and have
met so many great folks. I've participated in a few swaps and
a co op, and am very grateful for the sources available here,
and the wealth of information. I look forward to knowing all
of you, and sharing our passion. So glad I found DG!

may princess kathy have a green thumb.

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Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Have you thought of selling pickled quail eggs? They are popular and you can get different tastes from them by adding different ingredients such as hot sauce, ect.

Johnson City, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi, Cajun,
That's a great idea. I have seen a few websites that offer
pickled quail eggs, and it might be something I could do,
as well as the fact they can keep longer.:oP I have canned a
few things before, and I like to cook, so that could be an option.

may princess kathy like quail.

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Welcome Kathy, I hope your endeavors are successful. It does take a while to find what your new prospective customers will buy in a market and get established so that you have repeat customers coming to your table.

If you can find a good source of manure from a nearby farm or stable, you can enrich your soil and possibly use all those rocks to make walls for raised beds. We also have plenty of them, mostly large enough to be useful but often also just in the way.

Hi to Imacajun. I will alert justmelisa to your presence here, she must have unwatched this thread or I know she would have replied by now. She is missing the warm weather and crawfish, but had a ball playing in the snow this weekend, more snow than she ever saw in her life and she and her family had a ball playing in it! If you don't know Lisa, read the New Home in Kentucky threads on the Farm Forum.

Winston-Salem, NC(Zone 7a)

I am in the process of looking for a farm to buy or at least as close to it as i can get. I would love to have horses, a few goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits, pigs and who knows what else. I have been looking for old farm houses but I am on a small budgett so its hard to find something.

Johnson City, TX(Zone 8b)

MaryE, thank you for the welcome. But, I'm Joni, not Kathy.
Let me clarify: I am playing a game in the parking Lot, in
which we have a different Princess each month. In Her month,
she gets an accolade in every post- no matter where we are
at DG. Our princess this month is Kathy.
We lose points if we forget. Also, another perk is, each of us
sends her seeds, cards, doo dads that she likes, all throughout
her month. I won't be princess til September, as we take
turns and earn points off of each other. I could move up if I
am really good at catching other's mistakes! So that is some of
the craziness. :oP
I do have good manure from my horse. That goes into the
beds, which I have several, all lined in rock. I have rock walls,
rock sidewalk, rock rocks, you get the idea. In trying to find
a good place to drive posts for the chicken house and run, we
have found many more rocks. We are hiring a man with an
auger to dig them for us. I should just call it a 'rock farm'. LOL

Hello, Flowrgirl, I hope you can find the farm of your dreams,
or at least a place to start, and then you can build it.

may princess kathy enjoy her friends this month!

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

I see why I was confused. Crazy game for sure, it's been a long winter! So you get to be Princess Joni for September and you will get seeds and other fun stuff.

Rock walls, paths, etc, good for you. It's better than just making rock piles! I hope the guy with the auger finds good places to drill post holes. Once when we did that we struck a big big slab of bedrock. Moved the fence, it was easier.

Brewers, KY(Zone 6b)

hello imacajun,
Welcome to DG farm. Yes, I am from theThibodaux/Houma area. We moved to Kentucky last year. Boy, am I missing crawfish right about now! I hope to go home for a visit soon, I am almost out of Community Coffee! My dad was a gator trapper, so I know all about catfish jug lines and sitting under cypress trees..and wondering what the "po" folks were doin'. *grin*

Johnson City, TX(Zone 8b)

Haha, Justme, yes, those folks are 'po' for not having
the good life, huh? So sorry they don't have community
coffe where you are.

Yes, Mary, my month will be September. I love shopping
for trinkets and such for our current princess. :oP Our post
hole digger's auger is able to go through rock. Awesome.
Only drawback I see, is the holes are 12" diameter. I don't
want to be the one trying to fill in with concrete! LOL
One very cool thing about my supply of horse manure, is
Sophie is 'litter box trained'. Meaning, she has 2 or 3 places
around the property where she goes, so it's all in one
place, and she doesn't go just anywhere. She also is
modest and goes behind a tree, so you never see poop.
Wierd, huh.
(may princess kathy have an endless supply.)

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

There is one store here where we can get Community but not New Orleans Blend. I have to get that from home. My SIL sent me 6lbs a few weeks ago. I had been out for a week and was having serious withdrawals. A regular case of the DTs. LOL

Triad(for a few more, NC(Zone 7a)

Hello, I don't think I have intro'd myself here but have been posting for about a week now on DG.

My name is Susan and my hubby, Don & I live in NC. We are in the foothills on the Triad side of NC close to the VA border. We have a house with 4.5 acres. We have been growing vegetables in a 1/2 acre garden for about 4 years now and this year we cleared another 1/2 acre that we will plant corn on until next Spring when we will put in a small vineyard. We also hope to get chickens this Summer and Don just built me a greenhouse and I having a great time starting all my veggies in it.

I am also just getting into dahlias this year, trying to make more flower beds in our yard.

I hope to get to know some of you and share farm experiences.


Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Welcome, Susan, it sounds like you have made a great start. I'm going to be starting some cabbage and other early seeds in my gh tomorrow, and then tomatoes in another month. It's still kinda wintery here. My garden is bare of snow now but nothing coming up yet, not even rhubarb. Our nights are in the lower 20's and days mostly in the lower to middle 40's. Spring's a comin!

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Very nice to meet you Susan. Your place sounds great. I have planted some seeds in the house and my broccoli and one cucumber have sprouted. I am hoping the rest don't disappoint me. LOL I am waiting for my seed order to come from The Cook's Garden. It must be really nice to have a GH.

I have never been to your area of NC. I have visited the Cherokee area quite a few times and it is beautiful. I would love to see some pics of your place.

Here are my broccoli sprouts. Are they suposed to be so long and leggy? I have never grown broccoli before.

Thumbnail by CajuninKy
Triad(for a few more, NC(Zone 7a)

Hi, My guess is the brocc is leggy cause they are root bound or getting too much light too quickly.

I love Cook's Garden and have ordered from them for a few years. I have some tomatoes in my GH from them going strong. Hope to transplant them into bigger peat pots soon.


Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Likely too much light. I have them on a table under the window. Should I move them?

Baker City, OR(Zone 5b)

Not intending to be contrary, but plants "reach" for the light. They aren't getting enough. If you have a grow light, or even shop lights, the florescent bulbs should be an inch or two from the plants. If a windowsill is all you have, pick the sunniest spot, and turn the pots about 1/4 turn every day so the plants don't lean toward the light. If they are on a heat mat, turn it off now, they like it cooler after they germinate.

Waddy, KY

Cajun, honey, your plants need a whole lot more light. Those long seedlings that are bent over are more than likely going to sun scald the stem when they go outside. Your window isn't giving them enough light.

If you don't have very many plants and you have a vehicle that you don't use very often you could put them in the windshield or back window of that vehicle during the day and bring them in during the evening. The car warms up like a greenhouse and gives them good sunlight. If it's going to get too hot crack the windows during the day. With cabbage if it's not going to get below 30 degrees or so at night just leave them in the car overnight. Otherwise bring them back in the house at night. You'll have much better looking plants to go in the garden.

You could also build yourself a small hothouse out of old windows. A little resourceful thinking will grow you some mighty fine transplants.


Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Thanks for the tips. I'll put them out in the van window tomorrow.

Concho, AZ

Hi All I've been a member of DG for about 3 months. I love the farm life forum ! I have just been trying to start a Family Farm.With my wife & her MOM & Dad.We also have other family members who are going to help.
Nice to meet everyone

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