basil tea

Plano, TX

i was wondering if basil would make good tea--googled it and turns out it is a tea used in india a lot and can be soothing for upset stomach and has health bennefits--does anyone make it? i have 3 different basils that i am growing and plan to give all three a try--

(Laura) Olympia, WA(Zone 8a)

I don't know about Basil, but...

Raspberry leaf is quite good with sugar, is an anti-spasmodic, helps with cramps.

Rosemary is also quite good, though more on the bitter side then raspberry leaf, it's an anti-septic and anti-bacterial, it's used to treat depression and anxiety, it's also used to treat canker sores. Itís great for colds and other throat issues.

I make a brew out of coneflower, rosemary, garlic and blueberry when I start to get sick. Tastes like #*!! but works wonders. I started making it into soup last time, still tastes like $#!&, but a bit more edible.

Plano, TX

i was wondering about rosemary--glad you mentioned it--i have so much rosemary but don't really use it enough--i might go and google rosemary tea now--

Plano, TX

i am also curious about marigold tea--and any other uses for marigolds, rosemar and basil--i did see that rosemary makes a good hair rinse--i think i would really like that fresh smell--and also in the tub!

(Laura) Olympia, WA(Zone 8a)

I don't have any medical uses for Basil, though my research isn't extensive at this point.

I don't have Marigold listed yet, though I would be interested in medical uses.

That's all I have written down on Rosemary though I think you're right on the hair rinse.

Middleburgh, NY

The basil used in India is usually Holy basil, not sweet basil. They drink the tea and honor the plant. There is holy basil tincture as well. It is said to be a mood elevator. Marigold, that is Calendula officinalis or pot marigold, has tons of uses. It is the herb of the year for 2008. Calendula was called pot marigold due to its many uses in the cook pot. I have written an article about it for The Essential Herbal. You can also find it here. You can also go to the Herb Society of America for information on calendula. Marigold - Tagetes (French or African marigolds) shouldn't be eaten or drunk. Excepting the cultivar Lemon Gem or Tangerine Gem, which smell like their names suggests.

Plano, TX

betty i ended up making basil tea--took a bunch of it and covered it with boiling water--then added a little lemon and sugar--drank it iced--i liked it --wonder what the holy basil tastes like? as for the marigolds--did the same thing with them but used the dried flowers--tried a little taste and it was terrible--now i see from you posst that it is not the right one to make tea from!
i used the rosemary and made a tea but use it for a hair rinse and added a little vinegar--i will check out your article-thanks

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