August Daily Weather........Where Has The Summer Gone?

Springboro, PA(Zone 5a)

Sidney asked me to start a new August thread. The clouds and air are hinting of autumn.


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(Zone 3b)

Thanks, E_B~ the bike ride was great:) I love the thread-start photo~so very serene. No turning back now, fall is definately in the air ~
Music2Keep~sounds like you all had a great time at the fair~JW must have been so much fun to watch, as he looked at so many new things. The "flower bed" is cute.
Yesterday's b'day/bbq was moved indoors, the rain never let up. Fortunately, their home large enough to handle a crowd. The treasure hunt did go on, outside; the kids all loved it and came in soaking wet and happy.
Another from our hike. Ready to head back down the trail.

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KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Wasn't too bad out today. Sunny, a little hot but not enough to complain about.

We had our Butterfly Festical at work this weekend and today was our first weekend. Very busy since the weather was perfect yesterday and today. I am gonna try to remember to take my camera next weekend and get pics of the butterflies.

Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Great pics everyone! We had a nice weekend with Gary. He is doing very well. Hes happy he has 1 week without chemo then we begin again.

Deb Your PV should flower. Do you know what kind it is?
Joey Your garden sounds wonderful! Cant wait to see it next year!
Kiska I hope your GS is feeling better. Chute picture of him and his mom. He does look like he was in pain - poor baby. Love the hiking pictures! Beautiful country!
Se_eds - Pink Super Spider is beautiful!
E_B Beautiful start picture! I wish we were having a hint of Autumn! LOL!
Pepper I love butterfly festivals! I bet it was beautiful to watch. Be sure to take pictures!

80.8 F / 27.1 C
Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 69%
Dew Point: 70 F / 21 C
Wind: 0.0 mph / 0 km/h
Wind Gust: 3.8 mph / 6 km/h
Pressure: 29.86 in / 1011.1 hPa (Steady)
Heat Index: 84 F / 29 C
Visibility: 7.0 miles / 11.3 kilometers
UV: 1 out of 16
Clouds: Few 5500 ft / 1676 m
Scattered Clouds 15000 ft / 4572 m
Mostly Cloudy 25000 ft / 7620 m

Partly cloudy. Patchy fog after midnight. Low 72. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph.

I caught Callie nuzzling the Blue Days again. She heard me get the camera and walked away. She's become camera shy! LOL! I got a little ill today after doing the lawn. The humidity was very high and I got really hot. Shame on me...I like to get it all done at once and paid the price.

Painted Lady

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Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks EB,
Can't believe how fast we got 200+ post. I had a thread all ready to go and saw EBs great pictures and figured that was a far better idea.
Cool front
84.7 F / 29 C
Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 45%
Dew Point: 61 F / 16 C
Wind: 2.7 mph / 4 km/hfrom the South
Wind Gust: 5.4 mph / 8 km/h
Pressure: 29.74 in / 1007.0 hPa (Rising)
Heat Index: 85 F / 30 C

L.A. (Canoga Park), CA(Zone 10a)

Joey, I was thinking of socket, as in light socket.

(Zone 3b)

60 sunny degrees now at 4pm..The day has become just beautiful after a rocky start; fresh snow was the topic of the day.
Gson is doing well; he now has a hard cast and seems at ease w/it and it's not slowing him down. The pic was taken just a few hours after it'd happened and he just returned from the doctor's office.
MySharona~how are you doing? At least the yard's finished:) Love your Lady Margaret-hope you can capture Callie, too.
pepper~a buttterfly festival sounds fantastic; would love to see some pics.
This morning's snowfall.

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Springboro, PA(Zone 5a)

Kiska...........It's been quite a while since I've been on a back backing trip in the mountains. Your trail photos sure look inviting.

The temp. here has already dropped to 58F. The breeze blowing in the window and doors this evening was so chilly we had to close them. Quite unusual for August! We received another 3/4" of rain this afternoon and and evening to go with the nearly 1/2" we got last night. The extended forecast calls for temps in the mid-70's with no more rain until next Sunday. Looks like we might dry out a bit.

Photo: One for Sidney..........Flower pot on my front deck.


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(Zone 7a)

Too much too catch up on...great pics everyone. That's all I'm for toonight. We had a company BBQ after work today and I'm bushed.

It was really hot.

Purple coneflower.

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Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

That would be Wizard Pineapple, EB.
Dark and Sultry

Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Kiska - Im much better now. I think Im more excited to see your snow than any one else!
Celia Pretty coneflower : )

I think today is technically the last day for dog days, but you really cant tell by our temps.

74.7 F / 23.7 C
Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 67% --- getting better!
Dew Point: 63 F / 17 C
Wind: 0.0 mph / 0 km/h
Wind Gust: 0.0 mph / 0 km/h
Pressure: 29.86 in / 1011.1 hPa (Steady)
Heat Index: 77 F / 25 C
Visibility: 10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers
UV: 0 out of 16
Clouds: Few 25000 ft / 7620 m

Increasing cloudiness. A 30% chance of showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. High 90. West winds 5 to 10 mph.

A little history:
Max Temperature: Min Temperature:
Normal (KJAX) 90 F / 32 C 72 F / 22 C
Record (KJAX) 99 F / 37 C (1941) 68 F / 20 C (2002)
Yesterday 92 F / 33 C 72 F / 22 C


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Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

After a sweltering week a cool front popped in last Friday.
Temps have been in the low 80's w/ low humidity... nighttime temps near 60.
Well last night it was 55F.....
We've also had a bit of rain.. 1.5" since Thursday....
Not driving rains either but nice steady ones.
This trend looks to hold for at least 10 days....

I don't ever remember an August this cool... a far cry from last year's hot, humid drought.
In fact we haven't even installed the AC yet... Probably won't now!

We're now deep into expanding the Plantroom.
It will eventually be a Family/Craft Room w/ a GH on the roof.
The area we're adding is about 65 square feet.
Not a lot but the original 3 season porch was only about 120 square feet so we're adding about 50%.

This year we made a big effort to bring in the Hummers.
The Mimosa Tree has been blooming for about a month now and shows no signs of stopping.
At over 25' tall now that means 100's of flowers a day.
Plus we have Canna, Trumpet Vines, Morning Glories ans a Mandevilla blooming away.

There are 6 feeders out also.
We're now going thru 10 cups of nectar every 3 days or so.
We're seeing 6 or more Hummers at a time now.
Early/mid morning and evenings are Especially Heavy feeding times.
And of course Fighting Times as!
Man those little buggers are territorial.
Until last year I didn't know the even made noise.
Now their battle cries are sometimes all you hear in the yard.

Well off to the construction...


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Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

Autumn won't show up around here for another 2 months. Of all the seasons, I miss early fall the most... That fresh tang to the air, and the leaves starting to turn colors... Ahhhh.... Then I remember what comes next and I get over it. LOL

E_B, I love your photos, as usual.

I'm glad you're feeling better, Sharon. That's a pretty canna. :-)

Kiska, the snow photos is beautiful, in a very ominous sort of way. On Friday I showed the big bunny photos of the Alaskan volcanoes. She wanted to drive up to see them. I told her we couldn't actually drive to the volcanoes, but we could (theoretically) drive to Alaska. We mapped it out, and it would take 9 days plus several hours to drive from here to Palmer. Then I turned the program off and we were doing other things and other than saying, "Wouldn't it be fun? Maybe someday...." I pretty much forgot about it. Yesterday morning she asked if we were going to be sleeping in Oklahoma tonight. I asked why would we be in Oklahoma?? She said, "So we can drive through all of those states and see the volcanoes!" Oops... Apparently she thought we were starting out after church. LOL Unfortunately we will NOT be there to see you in 9 days. It would be nice, though... someday. :-)

Observation for Houston, TX (KSGR) as of 6:53am CDT (56 min ago)
Temperature 79 F 26 C
Dew Point 73 F 23 C
Humidity 84%
Pressure 29.87 in 1011.4 mb
Wind Speed 6 MPH 5 kts
Wind Dir S 190
Ceiling Unlimited Unlimited
Visibility 10 mi 16.1 km
Heat Index 84 F 29 C
Current Conditions Clear
6 hour min temperature ending 6:53am CDT : 79.0F / 26.1C
6 hour max temperature ending 6:53am CDT : 81.0F / 27.2C

Seven Day Forecast Issued 3:00am CDT -- Mon, Aug 11, 2008
Today Partly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. Highs in the mid 90s. South winds 10 to 15 mph.

According to the tv guy, the chance of rain is really only for the suburbs north of the city. We aren't likely to get wet. We have a better chance tomorrow. I should water the garden this morning.

Peterstown, WV(Zone 6a)

Mornin' All! What a great day yesterday....I did Nothing! :D Me & Jack sat outside & watched the world go by. Well, I did pull a few weeds, watched the hummers darting around, thinking I should wash my car (it got really dusty at the fair). My little Clematis is blooming, which is great considering last year. Some kind of huge black bug chewed it down to the ground despite my efforts to save it.
The sun is shining brightly & the current temp is 63. When I looked at the thermometer this morning at 8:30 it was 55. I'm Lovin' it! :D
At Dublin....
Fair: 68F
Feels like: 68F
Barometer: 30 in
Dewpoint: 55
Humidity: 64%
Visibility: 10 miles
Wind: 3 mph W
Sunrise: 6:36 AM
Sunset: 8:19 PM
UV Index: 3 Moderate

Kelli, LOL, Thanks for the chuckle! :D I was thinking of everything outside & couldn't figure out what you were referring to. I have all of those I need :) I think it was a 3/8" socket (w/a ratchet). But it may have been metric....
Sharon, Glad that Gary has a weeks reprieve...and glad that you had a good week end (other than over-doing it). I know what you mean by getting it finished after you have started...but you need to take care. Love the Canna! My neighbor has some that are blooming like crazy. I really like the red. Is the "Painted Lady" a Hibiscus?
Thanks,Kiska, Glad that your GS is "up & running'. Kids bounce back so quickly! Me...I'd probably still be whinin'. :D I have saved that pic! It's Gorgeous! (as always)
E_B, Love the Wizard Pineapple! :D And your farming pics keep getting better! :D Thanks for the new start.
Sidney, You had a good idea there...letting E_B start the thread. :)
Celia, Hope that you have rested up! Love the Cone flower! :D
Ric, Our weather sounds very similar. It sounds as if you are ever-busy. I would like to see "before & after" pic's. :D Is that a Naked Lady? I have some, but they never bloom...not enough sun, I suppose. But when I get my new flower bed done (finished) they should get plenty. :D
Marylyn, LOL! That is the price we pay for glorious fall! :D I love it, too, so can deal w/ all that Mother Nature can dish out. :)

The answer to the trivia is...C
This was reported at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base.

Today's trivia is...
On average how many tornadoes occur in the United States each year?
a) 400
b) 800
c) 600
d) 200

Have a Great Day! :D

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Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Ric Be sure to post pics of your new room. Sounds nice! We have about 5 hummers total. Were slowly getting on their map!
Marylyn I started laughing reading about your road trip! Little bunny is excited and ready to go!
Joey Glad your Clematis is coming back! I wasnt so sure about Lady Margaret after the scale issue she had. It was bad. Yes, Painted Lady is a hibiscus. Going with B on the triviaseems like even more than 800 occur.

Taken this morning...hummer hovering over blooming echevarria.

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Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

I think today is our first August day without rain... so far!

Humidity: 56%
Wind: WSW/13 mph
Visibility: 9.99 mi
Dewpoint: 50
Barometer: 29.44 in inches
Sunrise: 5:34
Sunset 20:48

A lovely morning, I took this from my front door at 6.30 or so this morning.

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(Zone 7a)

Awsome pics, people! I'll never catch up. I just skimmed thru the photos.

Kiska, I always enjoy your mt. pics.

Fantastic hummer shot, Sharon! Gary seems like he should be getting near an end to his cycle of chemo. Is he?

Mau, I forgot to mention that it's great Janey is back driving. Glad she's back to normal.

Ric, love the lily. Very pretty color.

75F with 88 coming for later. Very nice, considering I'm off work for 2 days in a row! LOL
Feels like: 75F

Barometer: 30 in
Dewpoint: 39
Humidity: 27%
Visibility: 10 miles
Wind: 7 mph N
Sunrise: 6:34 AM
Sunset: 8:29 PM
UV Index: 4 Moderate

No new flowers pics so I thought I'd share one of Darrell pulling in a sturgeon last summer. 51" and about 40lbs.

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(Zone 7a)

We crossed, Knip. Cool clouds!

Here's the fish.

Thumbnail by kwanjin
Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Oh my word, that fish is as big as he is! What does/did he do with it?

(Zone 7a)

The charter company we went through for the trip cut it up and vacuum packed it for us. We took it home and ate it. It was yummy.

Here's me with mine. I had to throw him back. Too little. These fish can get to several hundred pounds.

Thumbnail by kwanjin
Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Honest, it was this big!

(Zone 7a)

LOL Yes.

Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Knip Beautiful clouds!
Celia Gary will be on chemo at least through the New Year. I can hear TaDaaaaa! That sturgeon is as big as Darrell

Well, my 2 best friends were diagnosed with cancer today. One's mother is under hospice care with an inoperable tumor. The other has no history of cancer in her family.

My nerves are shot. I'm going to veg out in front of the tv for a while.85.5 F / 29 C
Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 37%
Dew Point: 56 F / 13 C
Wind: 0.0 mph / 0 km/h
Wind Gust: 0.0 mph / 0 km/h
Pressure: 29.86 in / 1011.1 hPa (Falling)
Heat Index: 84 F / 29 C
Visibility: 10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers
UV: 2 out of 16
Clouds: Few 4800 ft / 1463 m
Mostly Cloudy 15000 ft / 4572 m

Partly cloudy. A 20% chance of showers in the evening. Low 70. West winds 5 to 10 mph.

Thumbnail by MySharona
Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

What a blow Sharon. Cancer is not the death sentence it was when I was a child.
Cloudy, so far, no rain.

Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

No it's not, but now I have 3 people in my immediate circle that are going through it. I'm just so sick of it. Cancer took 3 grand parent's, my twin brother, my mom, 1 uncle, two aunts and several friends. Just so sick of it...

Okeechobee, FL(Zone 10a)

I am so sorry Sharon. Tell Jeff to come hug you cause I'm too far away to do it myself.
You are in my prayers and I am feeling very blessed.

Millersburg, PA(Zone 6b)

We are having off and on thunderstorms. Total of 1/2 In rain - Whoppee! I am digging and diving in my seedling beds trying to save the worthy and kill off the uglies.
temp this AM and right now is 55 degrees. Can you DIG it?

(Zone 3b)

8pm 65*F sunny and beautiful.
MarylynT_X ~ what a sweet story~ seems she's ready for a road trip. Someday?
Yesterday/night 41 flights were cancelled to and from Alaska due to ash. They are flying now, but that could change again.
MySharona~I'm so sorry for everything that's going on. Please know that there's so many here for you and will be keeping you close in our hearts.
Music2Keep~ sounds like you've had a great day or two. A
kwanjin~love your fishing photo series;
knip ~ your view from the front door this morning was beautiful.
A year ago we were about 30 miles from home; at Eklutna Lake.

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Springboro, PA(Zone 5a)

Another nice day here, moderate temps, clouds and sunshine!

se_eds........good to hear you are getting some rain.

kwanjin........Nice fish!

I mowed the lawn tonight and then was picking apples when I noticed the sunset was looking promising so I hopped in the truck and made it to a farm just outside of town.


Thumbnail by Early_Bloomer
(Zone 7a)

OMG! The sky looks like it's on fire. LOL

Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Fantastic sunset!

Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

Sidney Thanks :)
Se_eds Congratulations on the rain and capturing the worthy seeds LOL! I can dig it!
Kiska Thanks :) I have so many of your pictures as background. Eklutna Lake is the latest!
E_B Wow what a sunset!

76.3 F / 24.6 C
Mostly Cloudy
Humidity: 67%
Dew Point: 64 F / 18 C
Wind: Calm
Wind Gust: 0.0 mph / 0.0 km/h
Pressure: 29.86 in / 1011.1 hPa (Steady)
Heat Index: 78 F / 26 C
Visibility: 8.0 miles / 12.9 kilometers
UV: 0 out of 16
Clouds: Few 2400 ft / 731 m
Scattered Clouds 6500 ft / 1981 m
Mostly Cloudy 15000 ft / 4572 m

At 528 am EDT National Weather Service Doppler radar indicated an area of light showers along a line from 2 miles northeast of oleno State Park to 3 miles northeast of Bell....moving east at 28 mph. This area of showers will also affect areas around Winfield...Watertown...Lulu...Lake city...Ichetucknee Springs State Park...Hildreth...Fort White and Five Points through 630 am EDT. Isolated showers were ahead of this line moving across Nassau and Duval counties near Hilliard and the Jacksonville International Airport. Hourly rainfall rates will remain below a tenth of an inch.

Showers likely and isolated thunderstorms in the morning...then showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Southwest winds 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 90%.

High 85?????

I can hear her...You can stand there all day and take my picture, but No, I am not going to look at you.

Thumbnail by MySharona
Peterstown, WV(Zone 6a)

Morning! :D It's a whoppin' 50 w/ (as Dyson says) intermittent light. It looks really foggy out there, tho.
At Dublin...
Clear: 50F
Feels like: 50F
Barometer: 30 in
Dewpoint: 48
Humidity: 93%
Visibility: 7 miles
Wind: 0 mph
Sunrise: 6:37 AM
Sunset: 8:18 PM
UV Index: 0 Low

Sharon, We are praying for all! ~ I love your caption...perrrrfect! :) Love the Hummer. :)
E_B! You have done it again! Gorgeous! I agree w/ Celia...It's on fire! :D
Thanks Kiska, It was. And that glacial lake is Beautiful! I'd like to be sitting there! about now! ;)
Celia! Nice Sturgeon! WOW! Where did you catch them? You're right about their size...40lbs is just a baby! :D
Where is Marsue?

The answer to the trivia is...B
In 1965 Wichita Falls, TX was hit by an F5 tornado.

Today's trivia is...
What was the coldest ever recorded temperature in the state of Montana?
a) -71
b) -81
c) -70
d) -80

Have a great day!

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(Zone 5a)

Good morning :-)

It's the third sunny day in a row, but like Alaska there's a hint of fall in the air. Only 57F today. Only a light breeze so I really should be outside enjoying it ;-) lol

Wonderful photos everyone!

Sharon - I'm so sorry about your friends and that you've lost so many loved ones. ((Hugs)).

Kiska - your hiking photos are so wonderful, and the snowy peaks are beautiful as long as it stays up there for about 2 more months ;-)

EB - thanks for the applause :-) Wonderful photos - I loved the fireworks one especially and the sunset was amazing! :-)

Glad many of you are cooler and Knip - so glad you got a dry day for a change! :-)

Speaking of sweet peas - they seem to like our cool summers ;-) I do need to start them indoors though.

Have a great day!


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(Zone 3b)

45* scattered clouds
Yesterday was so nice and the house painting project went well. DH has been at it for about a week and now, nearly finished; trimming windows, etc. My daughter loves tedious/precise painting and came to help as well.
E_B~how lucky for us you took the time for that photo. Just beautiful.
MySharona~hope the day will ok and that you can take some time for a quiet moment. 85* should be nice ~ love your kitty's attitude:))
Music2keep~I really like the pic~ it all looks so nice together. A
Perhaps you, too, will come sit by Eklutna lake. Glacier fed and beautiful.
rann~we saw a tv special about food of Iceland last night. Loved the scenery and I couldn't help but think of the places you've shown us, too. Just beautiful. Like there, we start sweet peas indoors; they do well but I didn't plant any this year.
pic of Pioneer Peak taken at 9:30pm.

Thumbnail by kiska
Isabella, MO(Zone 6b)

I can't believe I didn't post at all yesterday--where was I? LOL
Great photos everyone.
As usual, EB, your photos are made for a calendar!
Sharon, so sorry about the diagnosis of your two friends. However, my friend Janie is living proof that cancer doesn't have to be a death sentence. I know it must be a heavy burden on your shoulders right now, though. I will certainly keep you and Gary and your family and friends in my prayers. That was a great capture of your hummer! The little squirrel looks fat and sassy. Callie is a true cat--in all of her regal attitude! She seems to be saying to you "WE are not amused, Sharon!" LOL
Ric: it is good to see you posting again. Looking forward to pics of your expanded plant room. That is a beautiful flower!
Knip: nice pic of the morning clouds.
Joey: Glad you had a relaxing day--sometimes it is good just to "veg out". Guessing D on the trivia.
Rann: the sweetpeas are sweet!
Celia: Your fish was too little!!!??? You must be kidding!! LOL
Kiska: your snowy mountain photos are always lovely.
Marylyn: Tell the bunny that I would love to take that trip, too! It sounds like a great adventure!
Pepper: I hope you can get some nice pics of the butterflies!
Sidney: I have some verbena like that in your photo.

Our unseasonably cool weather continues with a light drizzle and current temp of 67.

High 77F
Precip 80%
Wind: NE 9 mph
Max. Humidity: 79%
UV Index: 6 High
Sunrise: 6:26 AM CT
Avg. High: 91F
Record High: 103F (1980)
Partly Cloudy
Overnight Low 61F
Precip 20%
Wind: N 9 mph
Max. Humidity: 92%
Sunset: 7:59 PM CT
Avg. Low: 67F
Record Low: 50F (1967)

(Zone 7a)

Sharon, that is so aweful about your friends. They can beat this but, in the meantime, you have heartache immeasurable. I'm so sorry for you.'re tough. You can handle it.

Rann, my sweetpeas seem to like cooler summers, too. They get a little ragged about this time of year. Your's are pretty.

Kiska, wonderful that you have someone who takes care of the detail work. Beautiful mountains you have.

Thanks on the fish, everybody but he was only a baby. Those can get to several feet long and a few hundred pounds. Just before 1900 sometime, there was one caught in Idaho in a river that was 1300 lbs. I can't find the pic of it. We went on the Columbia River in Oregon last summer.

68F with 88 for later. It's nice not to have to turn on the cooler.
Feels like: 68F

Barometer: 29.9 in ↓
Dewpoint: 41
Humidity: 37%
Visibility: 10 miles
Wind: 9 mph SSE
Sunrise: 6:35 AM
Sunset: 8:28 PM
UV Index: 10


Thumbnail by kwanjin
Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

More rain!

I don't think we've had a single day here without rain (and heavy rain at that) this month.

This is part of my lawn..

cloudy 59F
SE (8 mph)
Relative Humidity (%): 89,
Pressure (mB): 988, Falling,
Visibility: Good

Thumbnail by kniphofia
Amelia Island, FL(Zone 9a)

I apologize for the "vent" yesterday. I got overwhelmed by the news. It's like I told Joey, it's very disturbing to watch someone you love have to get to near death every 2 1/2 weeks to try to kill off a disease.

It's acutally pleasant outside. Wish I could take the rest of the day off to play in the dirt for a while!
84.4 F / 29.1 C
Humidity: 50%
Dew Point: 64 F / 18 C
Wind: 3.8 mph / 6.1 km/h / 1.7 m/s from the NNW
Wind Gust: 4.4 mph / 7.1 km/h
Pressure: 29.86 in / 1011.1 hPa (Steady)
Heat Index: 86 F / 30 C
Visibility: 10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers
UV: 4 out of 16
Clouds: Few 2000 ft / 609 m
Mostly Cloudy 11000 ft / 3352 m
Overcast 20000 ft / 6096 m

Through 130 PM...scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms continue to develop across northeast Florida. The showers are moving east at 5 to 10 mph. The heaviest showers will move into areas near Dowling parl...Obrien...Hatch Bend...Flagler and St Augustine. Expect...brief gusty winds...heavy downpours of rain and dangerous cloud to ground lightning with thunderstorm activity.

(Zone 7a)

Please don't feel the need to appologize, Sharon. We're all friends here.

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