Leaf Mulch and ticks...

Linden, TN

We have gaggles of all sorts of leaves around our home since we live out in the sticks... and I was thinking of using some nice oak leaves to put into the work bed that are from a tree out in front of our home this fall.

But since we have so many darned seed ticks, I was worried that I might end up raising ticks in there instead....

Does anyone have any thoughts on this??


Paris, TN

ooo never thought of that we use fall leaves in our bins too but we use one of those mulching vacs to suck the leaves up. There are always ticks in my worm hut but never seen them in my bins.

Linden, TN

You know... as attractive as leaf mulch might be for worm boxes, I think I will stick to shredded cardboard, cow poop, shredded newspapers, and veggie waste.... of which I have lots of around this house... lol I was thinking about how bad the ticks are and getting worse every year it seems, and I sure don't need to be raisin' them in my basement garage.. lol I detest those buggers...


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