sony mavica fd95 or fd97 looking for

Gresham, OR(Zone 8a)

just thought i would post here
looking for an older camera that is still working good with no error messages

sony mavica fd95 or fd97

thanks a bunch

pam sue

Cambria, CA(Zone 10a)

I think mine is an FD91. I loved that camera! It's 14x zoom and has image stabilization. Worked like a charm last time I used it. I don't even have a floppy drive anymore though so I'd be willing to let go of it if you're interested.

Gresham, OR(Zone 8a)

hi thanks for responding..i am looking for a higher resolution like a 2.1 and i will certainly consider your camera if i dont find what i am looking for.
thanks again

pam sue

Olympia, WA

Mine is still in full time use - LOVE it!!!!!!!!! New higher resolution cameras can't hold a candle. I have one newer, but always go back to the Mavica

Gresham, OR(Zone 8a)

good to know

Franklin, WI(Zone 5a)

Pamsue, have you found a camera? I bought my FD88 at ebay last year when my 1st one quit after 8 years. There used to be a lot of Mavicas for sale....try there if you haven't found one yet!


Gresham, OR(Zone 8a)

hi sandy
i do have a mavica fd87 that i bought new..i just wanted something better.

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