Irvine, CA

Hi everyone
I'd like to know if there is interest out there for a xeriscape --only-- group trade.

I know I personally have plants that I can't send in regular trades because they have such specific high heat/low water tolerance, and I don't know if they would survive in other climates.

So, what do you think? reply here or dmail me

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I think that's a good idea...but unfortunately I'm in a quarantine zone for the light brown apple moth so I can't participate. :-( But if they ever lift the quarantine (which I'm starting to doubt will happen anytime soon!) then I'd definitely be interested.

Biggs, CA(Zone 9a)

Good idea Marzissa. I'd have to see what I have that quaifies for trade since I don't have (yet) a xeriscape. We just got water meters and we're about 6 months out from metered billing, so xeriscape is going to become important to me. If my water bill triples, I can't buy as many plants ) : so I'd better take action!

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

I have an attriplex canescense or two I could trade or a lot of seeds that grow fast and easy. I probably could get seeds or maybe some seedlings too out of some others, like Nepeta, which is like a container weed at the moment but I love it.

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