Hi from Iowa.....

Burlington, IA(Zone 5a)

Gosh I LOVE this site! I have did a little gardening here and there throughout the years. I started getting into it seriously last year. My son and my daughter's boyfriend (a good ole young Iowa farmer) have taught me a lot, but now I teach them things I have learned from here at Dave's!
I'm orginally a city girl from Savannah, Georgia. Moved here 7 years ago and I want to learn all I can about gardening and anything else from this wonderful site! I finally talked my hubby into letting me subscribe and now I can't stay away from here. LOL
Look forward to meeting new friends and learning.


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Golden, MS(Zone 7a)

Yes, indeed it is. I, too, just recently found it and don't know how I've lived without it. I especially find the search area for all kinds of plants very helpful. I just wanted to welcome a newcomer from a newcomer. leeflea

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

hello and welcome from upstate new york. we are all honest here so tell me, who is that a picture of. it can't be you since you would be too young to have a daughter who is old enough to have a boyfriend. LOL

this is really a great place and you will love it. check out the recipe forum if you are into cooking and even if you aren't there are some great recipes to be had there.

Fountain, FL(Zone 8b)

Welcome to DG, Renee!
It is great to share what you learn here with others. I've learned so much from the gardeners on this site, it is amazing how many members there are on this site and the sheer amount of knowledge they have is unreal.
Someone always has the answer to your question.
Again, Welcome :-)

Burlington, IA(Zone 5a)

Thank you so much for the warm welcome leeflea51 !

Thank you HERBIE43 for the nice comliment! That is me and my first grandbaby. She was born on May 3rd of this year. I have 7 kids and 3 step-kids also. Ages range from 24 to 6 years old! Never a dull moment around here LOL I'll be sure to check out the recipe forum!

Thank you, libellule for the welcome. I love reading all the forums cause I learn something everytime. There IS tons of info on here. I love it!

Here's a pic of my son and his fiancee with their baby.

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Burlington, IA(Zone 5a)

Here's a pic of my daughter with her farmer boyfriend.

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Fountain, FL(Zone 8b)

You have a lovely family.
Seven years in Iowa...I bet it was a shock coming from down south!

Burlington, IA(Zone 5a)

Thank you so much libellue! That's only a few of them. LOL Yes, it was a real big change moving here from the south. It's completely different. I have been married to military so I am use to different places and having to adjust. The 2 kids in those pics that are mine were both born in England.

I have found that a lot people here are not as friendly as the south. I have met some really nice people don't get me wrong, but I miss that " Southern Hospitality". I also miss the laid back, not always in a rush atmosphere down there compared to the rush, rush, rush, hurry up and rush here. Drives me crazy!

When I first moved here, my hubby, his kids and people at work had a blast making fun of the way we talked! LOL We still have a ball making fun of each other's pronunciations of certain words.

We have adjusted though and I have tried to learn some of the "Iowan" ways. I've been getting into the farm life a lot since my daughter met her boyfriend last year. He bought a farm right before they met that he is fixin up. Don't care to much for these winters though. Snows way too much. Yuck!

Here's a pic of a really bad ice storm we had a couple of years ago. This is my old house with tons of tree braches all over the roof. Part of a big maple tree fell on our back porch. Don't like these winters here.

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Burlington, IA(Zone 5a)

Was such a mess!

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Fountain, FL(Zone 8b)

Your daughter is lucky to have found a boyfriend that is responsible...not many of those around here.

I know what you mean about people being different. I grew up in the military and so, lived all over the world, myself. It was hard at times trying to fit in. However, it did teach me to get along with all sorts of people which helped me in later years when I managed several crews of people on jobsites.

The best advice I ever got about moving around was to just be myself and those who like you, will, those who won't, won't. Pretty simple, but true. Can't bother with things you can't change. Too much life to live and it would be a shame to miss any good moments obsessing over the bad ones.

I remember the ice and snow! Your poor porch and tree, what a mess to clean up. I hate ice but I do love the snow. I'd trade this unrelenting heat for a little snow any day. Maybe not as much as y'all get in Iowa though...hehe

I like the slower pace of life down here too. It suits me better than all that rushing around. I did that when I was still working seven days a week...glad that is over.

Rutland , MA(Zone 5b)

renee - 10 kids. is there nothing else to do in iowa. LOL

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Welcome, Renee, and enjoy the grands. They are such joy!!!. Glad you are finding your way around. There always seems to be something new here.

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