Anyone here from South Central Missouri?

Fountain, FL(Zone 8b)

Hey All,
I've been looking at some property in Howell and Texas counties and wondered if perhaps some of y'all could tell me a bit about the area.
I have been to the area and know that the people are friendly, it's beautiful and so green, things that are important to me.

Like, how extreme is the weather in the winter and spring? Do the towns of Willow Springs, West Plains, Rolla and Licking have all your basic needs or do you have to drive further. How are the hospitals/doctors in the area?

I know I can look up most of this online but would prefer to hear things from people that live in the area. I find it is usually more reliable information when it comes from someone living life, rather than someone just compiling statistics.

Thanks for any input.

KC Metro area, MO(Zone 6a)

Sending you a d-mail with some names and emails.

Fountain, FL(Zone 8b)

Got it and replied...Thanks Pepper! :-)

Fountain, FL(Zone 8b)

Thank you to everyone that D-mailed :-)

I did it...the contract will be final by monday, which means I own my own little bit of southern MO woods.

Now, I have to figure out just which plants I can dig from my place here and take up there. Forget the furniture... gotta have my plants!

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