Dead bees

selburne, Canada

Hi , I am a relativly new beekeeper but had been feeling quite successful until the last two days . I have found hundreds of dead bees at the entrance to the hive and on inspection hundreds more on the floor of the bottom super . I had a knowledgeable beekeeper take a look and he said that he has never seen anything like it before . The queen is there and a new brood but little honey .
Has anyone else run into this disaster ?Help !

Dallas, TX

Hi, I'm not a beekeeper, but I leave in Dallas, Texas and I'm noticing that bees seem to "stick" on bricks, leaves of my hanging baskets and generally I can water my plant and it never budges from the plant leaves. I think that is so odd. They may be suffering also from some malady in my part of the world where they've lost their "flee or fight" sonar. There was another member who said the same thing about them dying on her crape myrtle trees. One thing is for sure they are not flying anywhere!

Best of must be devastated to find your beehives in such a state.

Milton, FL(Zone 8a)

If you had plenty of honey before,then this could be the result of robbing by a stronger hive.

selburne, Canada

Thanks for the imput . I found out that someone had purposefully sprayed the hive with an insecticide . The hive was so decimated that the robber bees then overtook the hive which in turn caused the starvation of my remaining bees . I actually shopped vacuumed1000's of robber bees in an attemt to stablize my hive . At this point they are somewhat recovered and hopefully will be strong enough to make it through the winter.Thanks again for your replies Jane

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