ginger "curious"-please tell me more!

Deer Park, IL(Zone 5b)

Hi-first time in "Ginger" forum-be gentle with me . . .

I understand ginger plants smell great-is that true?
I live in zone 5 (Chicago area) and can I grow any gingers here and would I have to bring them inside for winter?
What would be a nice first ginger plant for someone like me who loves very fragrant plants and preferably red flowers but not picky?

I look forward to what you all recommend and suggest so I can pick out the right ginger. BTW-do you recommend a retailer to buy them from?

Mc Call Creek, MS

Linda, let me second guess where you are coming from with your questions ( & I'm not sure I know the answers, but I think I do). Currently there are pictures of Costus Barbatus and Curcuma Roscoeana on the first page of the ginger forum. They are both beautiful and red. They are both recommended for zone 9 and higher.

If you have a greenhouse, you should be able to grow these.

There are many gingers that are much hardier than zone 9 however. I don't know of any of them that produce red flowers.

Probably the most fragrant ginger and the easiest to grow, in my opinion, would be Hedychium Coronarium, which is snow white and very beautiful. It's common name is "Butterfly Ginger" and it looks very much like a white butterfly. I believe you could grow these in zone 5 and bring them inside for the winter. I doubt that they will bloom in zone 5 because your warm season might not be long enough to give them time.

Will someone who lives in zone 5 please jump in here and help us out?

Linda, if you think you want to try H. C., I'd be happy to send you a start for postage.

JLMK and the best of luck!


Deer Park, IL(Zone 5b)

Gaylams: You totally understood my questions. I would love and appreciate a start if you can tell me how to plant it and the soil conditions and watering. Please D-mail me the postage and your address and I will send you the money!

Again thanks, I guess I won't be a newbie to ginger much longer!


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