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monks' hood wolfbane

When do you cut down the old monk's hood plant anyway. we have several of these plants around our house. We are in a cold climate, so probably the second worst zone for plants. Can we keep the seeds? Then there is the question of re-planting: what month do you suggest we plant them. thanks for your help.. mark

Portland, OR(Zone 8a)

I deadhead my plants to a lateral bud...and most of the time get a second flush of flowering...when that is finished I cut down to the basal foliage and do not clean that up until spring. Aconitum does grow from seed...I'm not an expert on cold climate gardening, but probably sow in the spring...I also would plant in the spring. I cut newly planted plants back by half so they put out more bloom stalks. This plant is TOXIC...please remember to wear garden gloves...don't touch your mouth and wash your hands right away! Dee

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