transferring vermicomposting indoors

Chicago, IL

Hi -

I have a quick question - sorry if it is kind of silly. I have been doing outdoor composting and am happy to report that my trash can with holes in it has plenty of the worms I bought and they appear to be disposing of our kitchen scraps very nicely! (as you can tell, I'm doing cooler composting, more vermicomposting really)

I'm liking this so much that I would like to try indoor vermicomposting during our Chicago winter and just have a traditional hot pile next summer (I would feel bad just cooking the little worms by heating up the pile at this point).

Are there any problems I should anticipate using some of these worms and material to start an indoor vermicomposter? I didn't know if, for example, there might be a lot of fly eggs or other pests in the outdoor bin that could cause an infestation. If need be, I'd rather start out fresh but if it is OK, I could sift out some of the worms and go for it when the weather cools down . Thanks!

Fredericksburg, VA(Zone 7b)

Check the vermicomposting thread. Loaded with lots of great information and directions for building your worm beds for indoor use.

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