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Perrysburg, OH(Zone 5a)

I have a few questions about propagation I hope someone can help with. I never been very good with starting seeds for my garden, so I'm going to try cuttings with my houseplant. I started some cuttings of "teddy Bear" zebrina in water last week there are some small roots but most of the stems are rotting, is it too late so save them, or will they just continue to rot if I pot them up?? I also started lipstick plant and streptocarpus with rooting hormone in soil, and also sansevaria, marble queen pothos, arrow vine, and a few jade leaves in soil w/o hormone. I have tented them all with ziplock bags and said a prayer. Any tips or advise anyone could offer??? My other question is about fertilizing, I've used a generic 10-10-10 fertilizer but have also peters 20-20-20 as well as fish emulsion, what would you reccomend, or what fertilizers have you found most sucessful??? Besides the above plants I also have a peace lily, peperonia, grape ivy, moses in the cradle,jasmine, chinese evergreen, and bolivian jew. I know this is alot of questions, but I truely would love to learn how to care for my houseplants because I'm tired of killing them and I'm beginning to get a bad reputation at my favorite greenhouse!!!!

Hi BJT72'What I would do is surf the net
for a houseplant site and bookmark it
to go back to for referencing' You also
might check the database here and see
if your plants need entering or find
you answers now''Sis'

(Zone 6a)

Please, remove the sanseverias and jades from the plastic bag ASAP! They need completely different care from everything else. They are succulents and need much less water. It will take very long time to see roots on sanseverias - a few months. Jades should be much faster. But they both should be kept on the dry side, with very little water (but not completely dry).
I am also a novice here and have absolutely no patience for propagation, but rooted pothos and zebrinas before. Pothos may root better in soil, but I rooted it in water also.
Sis advice on doing search on internet is very good. There are a lot of info there.
Good luck!

Thank you Aloe Vera,appreciate it'

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7a)

Aloe Vera,

Thx much for taking the words right out of my mouth. I was going to caution to take the Sans. out of the bags as it's the fastest way there is to (1) rot them or (2) kill them outright.

I hadn't seen any mention of Jades here or would have said the same. Not only do these (succulent) plants have completely different care requirements (as you mentioned) but for them fresh air circulation is absoluely CRITICAL.

Thx for being on the ball.

BJT72, is a good site to search in: it lists plants both by common & botanical names & also gives a bit of culture info. (just a bit, but at least it's a clue). Once one has the plant IDed, one can always looks elsewhere for care instructions. Sounds like you're off to an excellent start. Best of luck & may your thumb be a green one.

Perrysburg, OH(Zone 5a)

Thanks for all the info---yes, I did remove the bag from the sans A.S.A.P right when I read the post. How long does the sans to take root-- about??
Thanks again,

Brooklyn, NY(Zone 7a)


Sorry to say but as to rooting Sans., can take close to forever (as said above, months sometimes); definitely a venture requiring patience (& very little water as w/out roots, they can't take it up & become more likely to rot).

As to the Jades (which mention I missed earlier), I have the best results placing the leaf ON TOP OF THE MIX not in it, same deal re: very little water 'til you see new growth (or same risk of rotting) & pls. do NOT MIST Jades, as they hate it.

Lots of luck, you ought to be busy for a while. Pls. post back again & advise us how it's coming along.

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