after the flood-going back to save plants

cedar rapids, IA(Zone 5a)

First of all, Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts during this has been very HARD!
I am starting to go back and pick thru the yard and my flower beds to see what I can salvage! Some days I go out and just walk around with my shovel and cry and wonder why, and then something comes over me and I think I'm NOT going to let this get the best of me! I will not just walk away and leave my plants. If I dig them up and they don't make it, then thats fine at least I tried!
I just can't believe that the water and the current was so strong.

But, some of my GREAT DG Friends have helped me start my new beds with plants!
Thanks again, Cindy

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Plants sometimes seem to be amazing in their ability to come back. I sure hope you and all your fellow flodded gardeners have some nice surprises in the weeks to come, and even next spring.

Burwash Weald, United Kingdom(Zone 9b)

I find gardeners even more amazing in their ability to come back - plants don't have to think about it, they just either do or don't. Gardener's are thinking, all the time - want2Bee, you are amazing. I can't imagine how hard it is going back to witness the destruction, and then going and starting anew, I can only imagine how lost I would feel. Best of luck in your new gardening place.

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