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Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

With the harvest is pouring in, now is a perfect time to share your observations and opinions - and photos - in PlantFiles: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/finder/index.php?sname=Tomatoes

We have over 3,300 varieties listed, so if you need help finding a particular variety, let one of the admins know - you can post here, or use the contact us link to get quick assistance.

Why bother doing this?

What you know can help others: your independent review of a tomato's merits is far more interesting to most folks than reading the marketing "blurb" written by a vendor.

And pictures (especially of just-ripe tomatoes) are fun to look at all winter ;o)

As of right now, only about 600 of our entries have a picture, so you can make a big difference in PlantFiles for the varieties you are growing, have grown in the past, or even the varieties your neighbor is growing: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/adv_search.php?searcher%5Bcommon%5D=&searcher%5Bfamily%5D=&searcher%5Bgenus%5D=lycopersicon&searcher%5Bspecies%5D=&searcher%5Bcultivar%5D=&searcher%5Bhybridizer%5D=&searcher%5Bgrex%5D=&search_prefs%5Bblank_cultivar%5D=&search_prefs%5Bsort_by%5D=rating&images_prefs=with&Search=Search

Here's a shortcut to those entries that don't have a photo: http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/adv_search.php?searcher%5Bcommon%5D=&searcher%5Bfamily%5D=&searcher%5Bgenus%5D=lycopersicon&searcher%5Bspecies%5D=&searcher%5Bcultivar%5D=&searcher%5Bhybridizer%5D=&searcher%5Bgrex%5D=&search_prefs%5Bblank_cultivar%5D=&search_prefs%5Bsort_by%5D=rating&images_prefs=without&Search=Search

Indianapolis, IN

This year I grew Mr. Stripey, Malachite Box, Jet Star, Sun Sugar, and Sweet 100's in ground.

I was happy with the quality and taste of all of the tomatoes grown, ... but was stymied in yield by Septoria disease. Next year, I will probably duplicate the varieties grown, but will take every step available to prevent/halt/manage disease.

I also grew a couple of varieties in pots, ... Patio and some pre-planted cherry. The cherry tomatoes were good, ... nut the Patio tomatoes were nothing short of tasteless. Perhaps it's just my old age showing ...

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