Age Spot and Fine Lines in your hands...

Van Nuys, CA

does anyone use Norwegian Formula Age Shield with Helioplex Technology and spf 30?

Bolivar, TN(Zone 7a)

Never heard of it. I use GOJO which can be bought in an automotive store or Wal-mart. It has microbrasion pellets and lanolin in it which takes off the old skin and leaves your hands nice and soft. I also use it on my face and neck ever 3 days which helps with age spots and fine wrinkles. I am 66 and people think I am much younger. Twice a month I use it all over my body which takes off the dead skin cells. It is as effective as the expensive stuff you get from a dept. store and does a superior job of removing dead skin cells. Try it, you may like it. If you do, pls. let me know. LIZ

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