How do I get a cat urine stain out of a fiberglass tub?

Gilbert, AZ

We keep our cat litter box in the tub so it's out of the way - don't use the tub, use the shower. Anyway, I kept smelling a cat urine smell and couldn't figure out why as we clean the box twice a day. Lifted the litter box and there was a urine puddle underneath from one of the darlings peeing in the tub beside the box. No problem cleaning it up and getting the odor controlled, but now there is a urine stain in the fiberglass that even resists straight bleach left to sit. Any ideas??

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You might try the Magic Eraser, I've had it get off some stuff that nothing else would.

Alamogordo, NM(Zone 7b)

I have never had this problem, but they do sell special chemical stuff at PetSmart for removal of such stains. I would try those first.

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