Rose Food (Home Remedies)

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

I am looking for some home remedies that incorporate the vast majority of the food a rose would need. I have researched the manufacturers and there seems to be a big disparity in blends which also leads me to believe that its not an exact science.

By the time i add Alfalpha, epsom salt, kelp, corn gluten, ect, ect, ect I know I could save valuable time and money with a home recipe. Nearly everything I look at is $20 a bag or more for a sunstantial bag. I currently have 36 roses and near term plans to increase that to well over 50. I am looking for something like:

4 parts alfalpha
1 part epsom salt

This could be a wonderful thread that could be used by many and save lots of time and money by all so we can buy more roses!

If I have missed a previous thread that addresses this subject please provide links.

Thanks everyone!


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Adrian, MO(Zone 6a)

don, i love your spelling of alfalfa. I thought it was a brand name for something, took me a minute.
Here is my latest recipe for lawn and roses.
one part milorganite. 36 lb bag cost me $10.99. organic nitrogen 5-2-0
calcium 1.2%, iron 4%

one part bone meal. 20 lb. bag cost me $11.99. 4-12-0 source of calcium,iron,magnesium and zinc

one part sul-po-mag (aka super K) bought at lesco, now john deere landscaping. 50 lb. bag cost me $13.68. 22% potash, 22% sulfur and 11% magnesium (epsom salts)

+ the grass clippings for whatever organic medium they may provide. fresh from the lawnmower.

It's called the "i don't really know what i'm doing cheap and lazy formula that sounds good recipe"!lol!
so that means it costs $00.3928 per lb of application or 10 lbs= $3.92 20 lbs=$7.84
and 50 lbs= $19.60

Winston Salem, NC(Zone 7b)

Len - there I go with the spelling again. What kills me is that I did over and over again Alfalpha LOL. Sounds like a great formula! I will have so see haow readily available these are here. Certainly much cheaper than the 20 ;bs bag for $20.

Thanks so much Len!

PS. I jusy may have to try the "i don't really know what i'm doing cheap and lazy formula that sounds good recipe" LOL Your wording really made me laugh!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Guess I'm cheap. I save old bananas in my freezer, rinse, dry and crush eggshells and save them. About once a month or every 6 weeks I bury a banana, a handful of eggshells and coffee grounds around the root systems of my roses. That is the only food they get. My mother always used this home blend and I find it works well for me.


Adrian, MO(Zone 6a)

My recipe is sort of like a fast food, dollar menu at mcdonald's. I am cheap also, but it is just me and the dog so we don't generate too many good organics, especially all of the horrible prepep foods we eat so we can garden
The super and triple phosphates would probably be cheaper, but if you use too much you can tie up the iron and other nutrients in the soil, especially for states out west. I am hoping the sulfur in the sul-po-mag might help keep the fungus down.

(dana)Owensboro, KY(Zone 6a)

i save old food . everything i get off my kids plates goes into a jug. eggshells spaghetti everything. i also do alfalfa tea . btw i spell bad too i didnt even know til len pointed it out . i also type like i talk in run on sentences . i put super thrive in my alphalfa tea . just a cap full in 10 gal . and ebsom salts sometimes. really it seems like what i put in the planting hole really holds over for a long time . i put eggshells and old food . then i actually use dried alfalfa because i dont have to go to the farm store and get the pellets or meal . i just get a few bags of the rabbit food . and soak it . it gets all foamy too . i put the wet alfalfa in the hole and top it with humus- manure garden soil and some of the clay thats here . i do mix the food and stuff w dirt at the bottom . i love alfalfa tea i really notice the difference i need some now

Adrian, MO(Zone 6a)

My problem with the spelling is that I assume it is correct, and many times it takes awhile to decipher what is being said. I know once someone mis-spelled a rose name and i couldn't find it until zuzu pointed out it was spelled incorrectly.
I used to take a vitamin some years ago called alphabetic, until it gave me 3 episodes of kidney stones, so i thought don's alfalpha was actually a product.
Iris i don't even want to ask what all that stuff smells like!lol! The possums here would have a feast! And one is back anyway. I heard a banging noise out back, and flipped on the light and a possum come running to the house and crashed into the metal on the sunporch. They have to be one of the stupidist animals or else someone is feeding them. They seem to think you are going to toss them some food or something when you hollar at them or turn a light on. It's so pitiful really. However maybe i was the idiot feeding them, i just remembered a couple of years ago i put a self-feeder out for the cats that were here until i went out on the porch and caught a possum eating from!

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

I stopped at a pet food store and asked about the alfalfa pellets. Very lucky. They had received a case of packaged pellets that had broke open in shipping. The business had received a full credit for the case and were instructed to throw out the pellets since they could not sell it with the bags broken.

Ended up with a 10 gallon garbage can full for free. Guess that should last for a few years. Anyways, worth a check with the local pet store. Perhaps it helped that I buy my cat, dog & fish stuff there.

(dana)Owensboro, KY(Zone 6a)

we have a suburban fenced in square yard its squirrel heaven . every lot in this neighborhood has gigantic trees .so all we have are bunnies and squirrels . infact the squirrels are mean . i was coming back from getting my son from school .as we were walking up the walk we heard this screaming . i was like thats not a bird what is that . so i was looking in the direction that it was coming . it was a squirrel on the lowest branch leaning over screaming at us with its mouth wide open . i was like hurry up kids get in the house thats not normal.

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