A dying juniper tree...aka "gourd trellis"

San Antonio, TX

I got a crazy idea last spring and decided I wanted to plant gourds. Well, I ordered 50 seeds, 48 germinated, and only ONE made it in the ground. I thought it would be good to plant by this dying juniper/cedar tree that my husband refuses to cut down...I thought it would grow just a little bit. hahahaha As you can see, it has made a beautiful green canopy on the dying limbs. There is still a little juniper green, but mainly gourds. It's pretty cool to stand under the tree and look up. I'll post a pic of that on a follow up thread. So, when will the gourds stop growing? I still have new blooms every day, but not all develop, that's really ok... I have around 30 growing right now. I teach kids with mental retardation and autism...I'd love to let them paint these gourds...will they be ready for the kids this school year? I live in San Antonio, zone 8b

Thumbnail by ErinSaTx
Crossville, TN

I loove it!!

The gourds may be dry by some time in the spring...depends on the size of the gourd how long it will take to dry....Leave them on the vine as long as you can...even after frost...Jo

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