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wall mount flat screen

(Judi)Portland, OR

Does anyone have a flat screen tv that is mounted on a wall bracket that also has the DVD player and cable box attached? I don't know what to do with the DVD & cable thing! Help!

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

Portland1 I know you have been waiting for a reply for a long time - but I do not often check this forum.

I recently installed a flat screen TV on the wall bracket - the Sat. receiver was not a problem as the tv has a standard "cable" type coaxial connector. The DVD/VCR combo
had to be input using RCA connector cables.

On the remote for the TV there is a button marked "input" this is how you tell the TV which signal source to use. (ANT or RCA).

(Judi)Portland, OR

Wow - I had forgotten about this thread. Thank you for answering! When I posted it I was in the process of restoring my old 1905 house and my contractor installed the flat screen for me. It is on a bracket that swivels and has two shelves below the TV - one holds the cable box and the DVD/VCR player and the lower shelf holds my laptop. I also have wireless that covers the house and yard so it all works well!
Thanks again for answering. I appreciate it.

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