Yellowing Leaves

Pequannock, NJ

Help! Two weeks ago I planted 2 Hydrangea paniculata "Tardiva", tree form, next to each other in a mostly sunny raised bed area, I added compost to the planting holes and mulched the area with a pine mulch. The leaves of one are beginning to turn YELLOW!!! Am I losing the plants, are they shutting down due to the drought here in NJ, could it be transplant shock??? Shouldn't have planted in August! Need some advice. Thanks!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

chances are its just a bit of transplant shock. best thing you can do is make sure its being watered properly. stick your finger down a few inches in the soil to tell you if you need to water or not. you might also try to rig up a little shade over them until they get established a little better.

Pequannock, NJ

Thanks for your help......Dub!

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