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Grape jasmine anything but

Sarasota, FL

That time of year again. The "Grape Jasmine" has a few fruits on it. I don't see the connection. Mine are and always have been (4 past 3 yrs) a "Pea Jasmine" of small fruits.
I like it ok; the stems are small and twine by themselves. It's a good jasmine for chain link fences.
There's just two almost negative things about it. First, like many jasmines it wants to climb to the top of whatever it's growing on (like it's reaching for the top of a tree to break into sunlight); 2nd is that it seems to send out straight runners along the ground. Those have to be redirected back to the fence (better than the only choices being trimming it all to the ground or re-twining the higher vines back down the fence to keep it full.)

Thumbnail by Kalpavriksha
Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

How's the scent of the blooms?

Sarasota, FL

They're rather lightly scented. Not the strong fragrance as from J. sambac, J. grandiflorum, or J. molle. Best part is, it does well on a chain link fence. The leaves and especially the vine stem parts are very small. It could easily stay flat on a chain link fence. I still have to train the higher parts downwards. Most true jasmine vines I've grown act like they want to climb to the top of a tree!

Middle of, VA(Zone 7a)

Oh to be able to find J. Molle....without getting a second mortgage...LOL

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