SOLVED: Vine - Heart-Shaped Leaves

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Can anyone tell me what this is?

p.s. - Is that Virginia Creeper poking in the left side of the photo near the bottom? If so, I've learned something here in one day!

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Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Looks like a grape to me.

Edit: Oh, and I didn't notice anything that looked like Virginia creeper...

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Jeffersonville, IN(Zone 6b)

grapevine, and there is Virginia Creeper in there too. I circled it at the top.

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Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Also some ash leaves, lower left.


(Zone 1)

Looks like some sort of wild grape vine that we have had take over outside our fence in the backyard! Yep, I see a Va. Creeper leaf there too! We have a lot of Virginia Creeper in our area too. I have trained it along the side of the chain link fence and my DH wanted to rip it all out, but I told him to leave it, it's so pretty in the fall!

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Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Good eye! I didn't even notice the creeper up there.

You're right, plantlady. It does look nicer than the chain-link fence. (Fences are so expensive!) I'll recommend that my friend keep this one for now.

Jeffersonville, IN(Zone 6b)

Oh, FYI, the Japanese Beetles LOVE the grapevine -- I'd rather have them eat that than anything else. ;)

Indianapolis, IN(Zone 5b)

Excellent. And when they come, (and you know they will) we'll put up a sign that says: Japanese Beetles: Please help yourself to the anonymous grapevine in lieu of munching on the rest of the beautiful flowers, fruits, and veggies in this yard.

Hee, hee. :o) Sounds like a great strategy to me.

Cleveland, TX(Zone 9a)

We call that wild grape vine Muscadine here in East Texas. It grows abundantly in the wooded areas near my home. I've never seen actual grapes on any, perhaps because they don't get enough sun, but if you do have one fruiting, they make excellent jelly and wine. Can't eat them alone- way too bitter.

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