Any tips for bringing me back?

New Orleans, LA

I love projects and couldn't resist this poor thing. Does anyone have any suggestions for the best course of action to get this one healthy again?

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Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

just looks like it got to much sun. Trim off the burned part of the leaves and keep it in the shade/indirect light

New Orleans, LA

Thank you for responding. I will trim the leaves. Do you think it's OK to repot now?

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

yes it will be fine

Mc Call Creek, MS

Is that Hedychium Greenii? I agree with Donna that it could be sunburn. Looking at the asparagus fern in the background I noticed that it has the same symptoms. If you recently fertilized them both it could be fertilizer burn.

I also agree with Donna's advice. If it is fertilizer burn, I would add to her advice, run a stream of water through the pot to try to wash the excess fertilizer out. Then replace any lost soil and keep it well watered as long as it is growing. Something else I've learned about this particular ginger ( if it is, in fact H. Greenii) is that it won't bloom unless it is kept well watered during the growing season.

H. Greenii is so neat. After it flowers, at the place where the flower was, a new little plant will appear. It will even make the beginnings of roots. Alll you need to do is take it off the mother plant and plant it!

Here's a picture of mine last summer.

Aren't plants neat!!


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New Orleans, LA

Wow! I would be blown away if I saw a flower like that from this plant. I just thought its leaves (the ones that weren't dead) were a striking color, and that it might be some sort of bamboo. The tag actually read ginger zinfandel, which I'm guessing was supposed to be zingiber.

I found both plants at a tiny landscaping shop in Oxford, Mississippi. The guys there had them under a tent-like shelter and admitted that they didn't know much about either. They also told me that they weren't watering them enough, although the ginger was sitting in two or three inches of water.

I've trimmed both plants and hope to repot them this week. They already look much better.

Mc Call Creek, MS

Okay, let's call in some experts on identifying this plant for you. Maybe someone like Liz will step in and tell us what you have.

Is it maybe zingiber Midnight?

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Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

was thinking Costus Purple Queen but is much taller than mine. Maybe Vinosum(spelling)

Mc Call Creek, MS

Donna, it might be venosum. The leaf shape, color and height all look the same to my untrained eye. I wonder if there are any others with those characteristics. I looked and it's definitely NOT zingiber midnight.

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