Diseases of Daisies

Philadelphia, PA

I have two large daisies that bloom in the Fall, just now showing buds. One entire section of one of the plants is wilting (see picture). Does anyone know what is happening? The entire bush is four feet across and I thought it would be absolutely gorgeous this year. This hasn't happened in the past.

Thumbnail by Deerfieldcorgis
Midway, TX(Zone 8b)

Is it too dry? Have you fertilized anything around it lately?
Do you see any bugs on the underside of the leaves?

Philadelphia, PA

It has been very dry here, but I do water religiously. The rest of the plant is perfect, just one section is wilting. I just checked and there are no bugs, just the leaves browning (tan ,actually). I only fertilized in the beginning of the Summer. The other plant (same variety) about six feet away is fine.

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