Myrmecodia Seeds .

Townsville, Australia

I have one lot of 20 seeds collected from my Myrmecodia beccarii to give to the first overseas member to d-mail me. Post free, import at your own risk.
They do not keep and will need planting within a month as viability drops fast. Warmth and humidity are essential for good germination as seed is produced
just proir to the monsoon season here. I have previously sent seed to Britain and several European countries withuot any problems , but not sure about
sending to the States/ Bob.

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Townsville, Australia

Hi again. one lot of 10 seeds are ready to go to Norway and another 2 lots await addresses.
for Aussies there are two lots of 2 of last years seedlings as seen on the second coconut husk. The first two addresses recieved will
===================== each recieve 2 plants free of charge. No post cost either. Bob.=================================

Townsville, Australia

Three lots posted today, MondaySeptember 15th. No more seeds available . To the 3 who will recieve them I wish you the
best in germinating them. I would use sphagnum moss, moist, not wet. And kept above 25 c. Bob.

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