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October Swap At Terrye's

Ripley, MS

We will use this thread to post what we have for trade and to arrange trades, lets keep the chatter on the other thread and use this one only for plants. I haven't made my list yet, but will have some soon to be orphaned daylilies for sure. I am giving away a few of my old ones to have a place for new one I have received.
Please remember to label your plants and if possible to have them in pots--sometimes smaller is better-for the folks that might be traveling to be able to get everything home.
If you want something that Terrye has please ask for it before the swap, she will be along to put her list up soon.
We want our precious hostess to be able to enjoy the day too. She always shares everything she has, but it is not fair to her to have to be digging things all day, she should be able to visit too.
If you want something from her you see when you get there I am sure she would be glad to have it for you at the next swap. She has put a great effort into the beautiful beds that she has and she will dig plants for you herself so you can receive tham at the next swap we have.
We worked her to death in Jan at the seed swap and want to make this one a little easier on her as most of you know her arthritis is giving her a lot more trouble these last few weeks.
For those of you traveling to spend the night that Friday, Judy and I will have food for our supper at the parsonage and something to snack on for breakfast.
There is plenty of cover at the parsonage, but not sure about pillows, you might want to bring along your favorite one. We are reserving the bedrooms for hubbies and wives that come and us girls will bunk together in the downstairs room on the half beds.
So get those trade lists ready and lets trade some plants.

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Thumbnail by slcdms
Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I have some daylilies that were not spoken for left over from my Mini round up.

I 'd like to make these available to those who are attending Terrye's round up, And Did NOT come to mine.

Their Free, no trade necessary. Please DMAIL me with the ones you want and I'll come back here and put your name on them.

As for the left overs if nobody wants them, I do have another home for them, but wanted to offer them to The folks coming to Terrye's house first.

Breed apart (luvplantsinms2)
Radiant ruffles (Yardbird)
Kecia (luveplantsinms2)
Eternity Road (riverland)
Ahoya (ems_garden)
Little Christine
Two to tango (luvplantsinms2)
thumb print
Joan Senior (n2birds)
Whimsical (ems_garden)
eye declare (riverland)
pizzicato (busybee)
dragon king this one is very small (riverland)
Decater Jewel (busybee)
Mountain Violet. (Yardbird)

These are all potted now, If I have room i'll keep them in pots to bring to the Round up. Please don't post here, but rather dmail me with the ones you want.


Edited to add some more plants
Blue/white walking iris plants, (not hardy)
hedychium white butterfly coronarium (tortoisekeeper)
zingiber zerumbet, red pinecone ginger Not hardy
Foti Herb vine hardy '
Crested woodland iris, dwarf
snow on the mountain plants ground cover shade
cameleon plant ground cover shade
red firespike cuttings, can start rooting now though
yellow flowering corkscrew vine seedlings. (luvplantsinms2)
Vigna caracalla corkscrew vine (tryliv)
red veined malabar spinach plants I also have some seeds too
Coleus pots, 3 diff rooted cuttings in each pot, are all rooted and grown out now, unnamed varieties (busybee)
salvia coral nymph (riverland)
salvia lady in red (riverland)
Salvia furman's red
nepeta walkers low
ajuga: chocolate chip, (tryliv chocolate chip) bronze beauty, catlins giant (cindy catlins giant)
sedum burros tail
persian chocolate creeping jenny (duckmother) (sandra) (n2birds) (riverland) (luvsplantsinms2) (busybee)

I have a bunch of sedums out there but I cut them all back fo r the winter, their mostly sticks now
but I do have some

matrona sedum not cut back and a few others, i'll check tomorrow. (cindy, matrona sedum)
pink morning glory bush rooted cuttings. (busybee) (luvtoplantsinms2)
Honey dew melon sage cuttings, can root before the swap.
yerba mansa marginal, does fine in the ground with plenty of water. spreads fast with water though. (sandra)
Passiflora coriacea (batwing) (heavenscent Bring to Sandra)
Artichokes: youngsters, perennials will do well for most southern regions since these are real young seedlings. they should come back for you also
St . marys
Small Saviitzii abutilon
persian shield cuttings I can root.
red fire spike cuttings can root
pink firespike cuttings I can root (cindy) (busybee)
one gallon sofie cecile begonia huge plant. too big to ship (duckmother)
Daydreams brugmansia cuttings (cindy) (luvtoplantsinms2)
super nova brugmansia cuttings (cindy) (tryliv) (luvplantsinms2)

Caryoptris (terrye)
miss caylee brugmansia cuttings (riverland)
unnamed orange brugmansia cuttings(riverland)
Peace brugmansia cuttings ( riverland) (luvplantsinms2)
african blue basil (savagegardener)

Will be addding more as I go through the yard LOL


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Ripley, MS

Elephant Ears from Kenny and Jim

2---red stems
1---Hilo Beauty--Carolyn
3---Lime Zingers (Terrye has more Lime zingers at her house)
6--Alocasia Uprights

Thing I have rooted already-in pots
4-blue veronicas--Mary
1-tiny, tiny Tropicanna Canna
5----Hot Lips Salvia-Emily--Carolyn
5---Morning Glory Bush seedlings
1---pink verbena ( I can root more of this)
1--agapanthus baby--Emily
2--Hardy Glads
3---Tall Phlox ( unsure of color)
4--Big Mountain Parsley seedlings (for the butterflies)--Carolyn
5---Jewel Of Opar Limon--Sharon
2---pots of triple ditch lilies
2---variegated ivies
4-Yellow archangel lamium--Sharon
4-yelow primrose

I can dig for you
shasta daisy
limelight artemisia
light pink bee balm
Daylily Athlone --2
Daylily Louise K Breedlove--2

Already promised
Bonnie-Farmers Daughter-Natures Jewelry daylilies
Mary (busybee) Crybaby from Kenny
Ruth--imperial taro
Sharon-Roses in Snow daylily

If you have seen me post something in the past that I don't have listed, I will be glad to share if there is enough. Just ask about it.

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Maben, MS(Zone 7b)

My list

Calico vine(5)-------Sharon,MaryD
Cleodrandrum bungii------Sharon
Hummingbird plant(6) ----Sandra,Bonnie,Emily
Zebra Grass (several)
Gaint Reed Grass(several)
Turks Cap(1)
Unknown Iris(mixed)
Blue Perennial morning glory vine(several)---Sharon
Red Perennial Salvia
Pink Spiderwort(several)---Kenny,Sharon
Purple,white and pink Mexican petunia
Tall Blue Bellflower(1) ---Sandra
Purple aster-----Bonnie
yellow canna
orange canna
winter honeysuckle bush cuttings
sweet shrub------emily,Cindy--- GONE

I will add more later

Purple plum seedling
purple liliac bush
narcissus paperwhite bulbs(early blooming)-----Sandra

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Middleton, TN(Zone 7a)

saving this spot for me

I will have more to list later

5 Xanadu Philodendren-Cindy, Emily
I Utopic Epiphyllum-------------Kathy Ann- gone
5 Colocasia Black Ruffles- sandra, cindy
5 plectranthus - Vick's plant - they make vicks vaporub out of this stuff!!!
5 Natchez white crepe myrtles- rooted cuttings
Zebra grass - lots
Cannas- tropicanna- several
Miscanthus sinesis - maiden grass- I think it is 'morning light; .lots
2 Colocasia odora- sandra,kim- gone
3 Colocasia chicago harlequin- Terrye,Bonnie, sandra- gone
2 colocasia ruffles- Sandra,
1 Hilo Beauty colocasia
1 Banana Gran Nain-- small pup- Cindy- gone
2 Colocasia Illustris
4 Colocasia Elena-Terrye, sandra, cindy, kim- gone
2 colocasia cranberry- burgundy stems
3 lavender morning glory bush...rooted cuttings
1 hot pink oleander- emily- gone - can take cuttings though
mother of thousands
plumeria cuttings
1 alocasia macrorhizza pup
3 agapanthus - Lily of the Nile
pencil cactus starts
3 variegated agave
4 red pineapple plants
blackie sweet potato vine- rooted cuttings
sweet caroline sweet potato vine - rooted cuttings
party time alternantharia (sp?)- rooted cuttings
waffle plant- rooted cuttings
blue spruce sedum
voodoo sedum
autumn joy sedum
2-3 rooted starts of Persian sheild

I can take cuttings of these :
Big leaf Tibouchina
regular pedilanthes- devil's backbone
variegated pedilanthes- devil's backbone
new dawn rose
fairy rose
mister lincoln rose
Queen elizabeth rose
white lady Banks rose
Don Juan red climber rose
cecile brunner rose
Zephirine drouhin rose
Butterfly amaryllis -small bulb
night blooming cereus- Epiphyllum Oxypetalum- rooted cuttings

... ..........................................more to add later....................................................

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Ripley, MS

Sharon I would like one of the black ruffles, please.

Middleton, TN(Zone 7a)

you got it!!

Ripley, MS

Caren (heavinscent) lost all her passion vine plants in Ike. If anyone has any seeds and will bring them, I would be glad to ship them to her. She does not care what kind, just some seeds to start over with next spring.

Slidell, LA(Zone 8b)

Sandra I have some seeds for her

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

I have rooted cuttings of one variety, but no seeds. Will have more rooted later on though.

Ripley, MS

She will be happy !!!

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

should I bring it to you or what?

Ripley, MS

Yes, I can ship it to her, I will be glad to.

Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a)

I am planning on coming -but there may be a slight chance I may have to work. If I do have to work, just may come late.

Mostly Daylilies:
Spacecoast Easy Rider- Sandra
Key to My Heart - Carolyn (gone)
Purple Eyed Fantasy- Cindy (gone)
Mystereous Attitude- (3)Carolyn, Mary
Helix - Sandra & Cindy (gone)
Betty's Pick - Genna(gone)
Early Snow - Genna(gone)
Jungle Princess- Carolyn
Black Arrowhead - Cindy(gone)
Burling Belle- Cindy(gone)
Caprican Fiesta- Sandra(gone)
Milady Greensleeves- Cindy(gone)

Bearded Iris:
Yellow noid - Mary
1- Blazing Beacon - Sharon(gone)
1 - Toasted Watermelon - Sharon(gone)
1 - Sunray Reflection - Genna(gone)
1 - Rare Treat - Genna(gone)
Chinese Parasol Trees
Col. Calidora F2 - Kim
Col. Tiger Stripe-Sharon,
1- Moch Orange - Betty (tortoisekeeper)
Creeping Jenny- Cindy, Mary(busyb), Carolyn (will bring lots)
Coral Reef Bee Balm (color is really a deep pink)- Cindy & Carolyn (gone)

May have more once I start digging. This is from a quick walk-around.

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Middleton, TN(Zone 7a)

added more goodies to my list....................... working outside all this week ................................... more coming soon

would love a voodoo lily bulb from anyone ... I lost mine this summer... somehow or another

also bringing Banana pudding to eat!

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

Sharon, I have some voo-doo bulbs. I will put your name on a couple of them.

Middleton, TN(Zone 7a)


OOH , Thank you very much

You should see the Blue sky vine now has grown by leaps and bounds since you sent it to me.... you have got the touch! Thank you again!

How are you feeling these days? Glad you are going to be coming to Terryes.

Love , Sharon

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

i've added some things to my list as well.

Does anybody have th e thunbergia battiscombii? the geese ate mine and it went ahead and died the rest of the way.

Middleton, TN(Zone 7a)

Kathy Ann

Someone just posted having the Thunbergia battiscombii on the plant trading forum, maybe yall can work out a trade. I never heard of it before , but it sure is pretty

Good Luck, Sharon

Slidell, LA(Zone 8b)

So far I know I will have

Hooker's Orchid Cactus (Epi. hookeri) - Marsue(give to Kathy Ann)
Mother of Thousands
Pencil Cactus starts
Spider Plants
Various Coleus cuttings, including Kong Rose if anyone wants it - Busybee
Various seeds, will list later
I have some EE's for Debbie
chinese yellow banana pup - Cindy

Edited to add:
Purple passion vine (Gynura aurantiaca)
NOID spiral ginger
I can try rooting cuttings of night blooming jasmine - Sharon
white and purple angelonia
4 small starts of walking iris
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Slidell, LA(Zone 8b)

Anyone have any cast iron plants?

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Sharon, may I please have an odora and elena?


Booneville, MS

Sharon, can I have a Chicago Haliquin and Elena if you have enough? I will get my list up soon.


Lakeland / Memphis, TN(Zone 7a)

Sharon, I'd like the other Chicago harlequin. Will have to figure out what all I have too.

Ruth, can I have some purple asters if you still have some to share ?

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

You are very welcome Sharon. I am so glad the blue sky vine is doing so well for you. I know you will enjoy the gorgeous blue blooms plus the dark green leaves are pretty to.
I am doing better and enjoying the cooler weather. Thanks
Mary D.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Mary is your blue sky like Kim's? If it is would you bring me a cutting ? I have the darker blue clock vine and I am not impressed with it.
Em I have cast iron and I would love to have the yellow pup if still available.

I will be listing here soon.

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

Hum, if you have the darker one, you must have battiscombii ? ha?

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

Mine is the light blue like Kim's.
I will be glad to bring you a cutting.

Ripley, MS

Kathy Ann is this the one you are looking for??

Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

yep , sure is.

Ripley, MS

How about it Cindy, is that what you have--I think we made a match, maybe-LOL

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

You bet I will be glad to bring it to you. Gustav did a number on it but it will rebound. I will try to find you some other things. Do you have oxblood lily or variegated aspidistras? I could probably get you a start.
Kathy I would love to have any of these you have left
Eternity Road
eye declare
dragon king
salvia coral nymph
salvia lady in red

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

Cindy, I would like a cutting off of the one you have if there is a limb gustav broke off just as long as it doesn't mess up the shape before you bring it to Kathy Ann.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sure thing Mary. It has no shape at the moment. I have been put on bed rest for a short while so I don't know when I will get back out there to take care of it.

Genna take a gander at our river now. First photo is Aug 13 next is today.

Thumbnail by Riverland
Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

This is a picture of my clock vine. Is this the one you want Kathyann?

I really have a better picture than this one sorry . if you would like to see a better picture just dmail me.

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Thumbnail by Riverland
Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I am going to try and do a link to a picassa Album so you can see a picture of what I am offering
5 Hummingbird Plants-- Sharon
9 clerodendrum bungii--- Sharon, Emily

5 Spider Lily Hymenocallis -- these are beautiful for foliage when not in bloom.I cannot believe no one is asking for these. Sandra betty

5 Crinum - color unsure-- I know some are white
3 Pink indigo-- Sandra
5 or more Tall White Ruella-- KathyAnn
5 or more Tall Blue/Purple Ruella—Kathy Ann
5 or more Tall Pink Ruella—Sharon
5 dwarf Katie White Ruella—Sandra, KathyAnn
5 dwarf Katie Purple Ruella--
4 Dwarf Katie pink Ruella--. Sandra, KathyAnn, Sharon

Blue Clock Vine –Kathy Ann Gone
Blue Clock Vine cutting-- Mary D

7 Dwarf Salmon Canna-- Terrye, Sandra
2 Dwarf Pink Canna Loretta'sLongwood-- , Terrye, Sandra
6 dwarf yellow canna with very small red dots.really pretty-- Terrye Sandra
6 dwarf white canna.more of a cream white --Terrye Sandra Carolyn Sharon
4 dwarf red canna. --Sandra , Terrye
5 banana leaf canna Has red bloom but grown for foliage. green and Purple leaf---- Sharon Carolyn
5 dwarf canna yellow striped foliage --Terrye Sandra
5 Pretoria canna Orange bloom but outstanding striped foilage-- Sharon

2 variegated aspidistra- Kenny Kathyann gone
2 white Lacecap Hydrangea-- Judy, Kenny(Ginger heleboros)
2 oxblood lily -Kenny , KathyAnn gone

Crocosmias dark red orange beautiful. Carolyn

Reminding myself to pick out some for Loretta got three dug up
3 Red eyed Fantasy ==Sandra, Terrye, Bonnie, gone
2 of my seedling Sandra

Ouachita Beauty.-- Sharon

Althea - Ruth. Betty Terrye

Red Spider Lily (lots) betty crissy

Red ice plant ---Sandra
2 deep bright pink dwarf oleander potted Betty
I should have hydrangeas and oleanders if they are rooted.

If you would like to try rooting some cutting I can bring
yellow day cestrum, --Sharon. Carolyn

and yellow oleander Sharon Carolyn
and white oleander Sharon Carolyn
and dwarf light salmon oleander. Sharon Carolyn

Kim and Marilyn oxalis.
I am interested in cannas that I don’t have , La Iris , any Japanese Iris and any salvias, plumera cuttings,

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Judsonia, AR(Zone 7b)

HI Cindy, you can take me off the list for the dwarf purple katie blue and the tall pink mexican petunia I have those, going to let the seed drop this year on the pink we'll see how it does, don't have the rest of them though.

would love the oxbloodlily and the variegated cast iron plant too.

I'll put you down for those dalilies, anything else you want just holler,

Ripley, MS

I got my list posted up closer to the top

Kentwood, LA(Zone 8b)

Em, I would like your coleus,Please
yes, on the kong coleus too.
Mary D.

Slidell, LA(Zone 8b)

Sandra - could I please have a hot lips and your agapanthus baby? Do you remember what we said I had that you wanted?

Cindy - got it

Mary - how many do you want I have quite a few diff varieties

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