Philo. 'Prince of Orange' not doing anything

I have had a Philo. 'Prince of Orange' for several months. It seems like it's not really doing anything...not growing, but not dying either (whew).
A couple weeks ago I decided to try giving it a brighter location... Perhaps it needs even more light than I thought? It's in a very warm, humid area, but to no avail.

Has anyone had success with this plant? If so, what's your secret? :)
It semes like the only time I've seen this plant mentioned on these boards has been when someone has killed one. :(

New York, NY(Zone 6a)

A plant that goes unchanged for months at a time is not a problem plant. Some plants are very slow growers, especially indoors. Some plants put out bursts of growth and then go long periods without growing. And some plants put their enery into filling a container with roots before expanding above the soil line.

A plant that is not showing any evidence of decline or stress is a healthy plant. It just requires patience and understanding.

Thanks for the assurances, Will. I know what you're saying about how it may simply be very slow to grow. I can recall that I had a Chinese Evergreen that did nothing for months, then finally had a growth spurt this spring. I guess I just expected more from this Philo since the summer is when so many plants start to grow. :)

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