Cannas I have too many of

Crestview, FL

These are cannas that I have too many of: Robert Kemps, Yellow King Humberts, Cleopatras, Wyoming Oranges. Would like to trade Rhizomes I do have too many of for some I don't have. Here is what I have besides the four listed, Stuttgart, Bengal Tiger, Canna Peach (Gigantum), Russian, Orange Beauty, Florence Vaughn, Redmond Cole, President, Crimson Beauty, Rose Futurity. Anything other than those I don't have if you'd like to trade for one I have too many of for one I don't have let me know ok?

Keystone Heights, FL(Zone 8b)

How about City of Portland for Cleopatra?

Crestview, FL

Sounds great.

Central Texas, TX(Zone 8b)

So you have Bengal Tigers, Joy?

(Jan) So Milw, WI(Zone 5b)


You have dmail...thanks!!! Jan

Crestview, FL

Dean: I am getting a Bengal Tiger from Jenny's Garden this week I think, I hope; along with a Stuttgart. The Robert Kemp's, Yellow King Humbert's, Cleopatra's and Wyomings, I have coming from a canna farmer, he only sells in dozens, so had to buy a dozen of each; but, for the price did fairly well, and thought maybe I could trade some of them for some I don't have. With postage, they only came to about $3 a rhizome. Not bad right?

Central Texas, TX(Zone 8b)

Not bad!

Bessemer, AL(Zone 8b)

have corsica for stuttgart?

Crestview, FL

Jordan: Jenny called me today and unfortunately can't send the Stuttgart til later; so is substituting another one I chose from her huge selection. She is very reasonable, I don't have any Stuttgart's for trade and am trying to get one, I want it for a house plant it will look lovely in my master bedroom which is fixed up already like Cleopatra's den with all the drapes and figurines going on in there. LOL I will sit it right next to the chaise lounge chair where I have a window and it will get indirect sunlight that way. I'm getting my Bengal Tiger, Black Knight and White Canna from Jenny. Go to www.jenny' and you should be able to pull up her website. I planted the Sunny Delight and Florence Vaughn today, can hardly wait til the Sunny Delight blooms I know it will be precious. I haven't received the other shipment yet; which will have 4 dozen canna rhizomes, one dozen of 4 different kinds, that is the batch I want to trade some of as I don't want a dozen of the same kind in my beds. I want a variety.

Middleton, TN(Zone 7a)

How about the georgous dark leafed austrailia and tropicanna for your canna peach (gigantum) and cleopatra?

Crestview, FL

Savage gardener: My Peach Gigantum isn't doing too well; but, it's still too early to tell; I have a tropicanna; but don't have a dark leafed austraila and that sounds intriguing??? How about I trade you a Cleopatra for a dark leafed austrailia?

North Ipswich, Qld, Australia

Hi Joy,

I would really love some "Yellow King Humberts" but I am not sure that you can send them to Australia?

I will check but if you already know, that would be great.

Debi from Australia

These are my first and I love them!

Thumbnail by Degarotty
Crestview, FL

Degarotty: I'm looking for an Austrailia Canna Lily, that is a new canna that has black leafs and a reddish bloom, can I ship even ship a canna lily to Austraila?

Savage Gardener: I don't have but one Peach Gigantum, and I need that one; but have lots of others what are you looking for in particular? I have Cleopatras. Will be digging them all up and dividing the ones that can be divided this Spring, my Peach won't be ready for that yet. Jenny is the one I got my Peach from:

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