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Photo Gallery from the Missed Storm... GUSTAV

Baton Rouge, LA

I'm a frequent poster in the irises forum. After we finally got our power back post-Gustav, I created a webpage for family and friends to see what had happened here in Baton Rouge during and after the storm. If you are surprised to read there was anything at all going on here after the hurricane passed, you are not alone. The national media abandoned us and so the nation stayed uninformed about our plight. Over 1.4 million people lost power, some of whom just got it back almost 20 days after the storm. The death toll within our state from Gustav tops that of Texas for Ike... and almost equals the total national toll for Ike. It was a huge and tragic storm that remained unreported, mainly because all the media was down in New Orleans looking for a story (where none existed) rather than reporting the facts. After mailing the link to my page to six people 10 days after the storm, it has now grown to over 35,000 hits... so I think perhaps others are still searching for info on how Gustav affected family and friends in our area. If you would like to see, here's the link:

Feel free to pass it on through email or link. Even if the national media didn't bother with coverage, the story should not remain untold. Ev

Missouri City, TX

Thanks for posting this.

Being so close, we did get reports that match yours, but they were from Houston's stations reporters.

Fayetteville, AR(Zone 7b)

You know, that is just rediculous and it ticks me off.
I was in Oklahoma City visiting my mom and step-dad and debating if I should leave that Monday night when LA was getting hit by Gustav or if I should wait and leave as planned on Tuesday morning (I just flew in from CA on the evening of Monday Sept 1st, we went to dinner at 6:00 and back to their house.) It was scheduled to hit AR Monday night, Tuesday, and into Wednesday early afternoon. My step-dad was saying that it didn't do anything in LA and wasn't expected to do anything at all. I went online to and mom turned on the Weather Channel, and what both the internet and tv were showing was completely different than what the local stations were showing and saying. My mom and I decided that it would be better driving at night than driving in a tropical storm (that's what it was by the time it got up here) and I'm glad I did because it definately did not do anything.

Baton Rouge, LA

Yep, Crissy, I agree... the lack of news coverage was ridiculous! I have friends in Shreveport, here in LOUISIANA, who didn't even hear the reports of what was happening here in Baton Rouge for several days. My little page still isn't showing up in web searches, so apparently Gustav isn't a "hot topic" for Google either, but the Yahoo statistics page is showing the page has had over 60,000 hits... so people are obviously forwarding it to others through email. It's kind of sad when the people who live the news have to spread it themselves!!! =P

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