Help Please . . . travel info needed

OC, CA & Twin Lakes , IA(Zone 4b)

My DD has an Oct 10th trip planned flying into Milan, Italy and out of Rome on the 20th.

Her girlfriend who was going with her and was supposed to plan the trip just called her and flaked.

I told her I would go with her. She wanted to go by train from Milan



- Lake Como

- St. Marks Square


-wine tasting


Double Decker Tour


Amalfi Coast
Underground City 120 feet below ground

Back to Rome and leave from Rome

She would like us to travel light (backpacks) and thought it would be fun to stay in Italian homes.

Does anyone know of a safe website where you can hook up to do that and would there be a Christian website to organize that.

I know this is short notice so I will continue to surf the web for info and try to have her enjoy her vacation. I have not been overseas in 25 years so I will first have to rush to get a passport. Only a mother would do this for her daughter.

(Zone 8b)

You probably need to plan that Itinerary or you will spend all your time running backwars and forwards!

Lake Como is in the North, Venice half way down on the East Coast - St Marks Square is in Venice, Piza is on the opposite West Coast. Rome is in the middle on the West Coast and Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast are all fairly close together further South towards the "foot" on the West Coast.

If by Underground City you mean the Temples they are in the area near Turin which is way up North. There are catacombs under Naples but I don't think they are that deep - or that spectacular. If you mean Orvieto that is in wine tasting country and is North of Rome - about half way between Rome and Piza but more in the middle of the country.

You can probably gather most of the information you need here

OC, CA & Twin Lakes , IA(Zone 4b)

Thanks a lot for giving me some direction; I have today and tomorrow free to research it.

Because my DD has been there before she is not interested in so much sight seeing as just partaking in the food and the people and relaxing. Maybe some of these places are too far apart to do in 10 days.

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