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I have an idea. What do you think?

Jacksonville, NC(Zone 8b)

Today I was out in the chill dividing hostas and amending some soil. I have more hostas than I realzed.I have a long privacy fence in my back yard,where I have knockout roses .Do you think it would be a good idea if I put a long row of hostas in front of the roses, with a little path between them,so you can reach the roses to care for them? I'm so new working with these plants, that I can always use your input.

Jacksonville, NC(Zone 8b)

Sorry I I was going to add my composting question to this and forgot to put it in. I was going to ask if I could make a long lasagne bed for the hostas and just plant them in the bed? [ the one in front of the roses. ] That way I wouldn't have to first make the bed, and then make a lasagne bed to have to move the compost into the Hostas. Any input ?

(AnjL) Fremont, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi! just saw your post. I'm certainly NO expert on hostas! lol! my first hostas are being shipped this week...but I'll keep watching this thread to learn! teehee

as far as lasagna bed... I think what you asking...if I read it right, is can you plant in lasagna bed right away?
If thats your question...then the answer is yes! that is the great part about lasagna gardening. just make sure you have all the layers needed, then stick your trowel in the ground, part the layers and plop your plant in the hole...then just smush the 'part' back together and on to the next hole.

I did that for all my beds this past spring and boy oh boy did those plants grow!

Thumbnail by 1AnjL
Mid-Cape, MA(Zone 7a)

Do you think it would be a good idea if I put a long row of hostas in front of the roses,

Lynda, sounds as is AnjL answered your question regarding planting in a new lasagna bed. I just wanted to comment on the fact that hostas and roses have different light requirements. Roses like full sun, while hostas are shade-lovers. Some can tolerate a few hours of sun, but most prefer dappled sun-light.
Good luck with your lasagne beds! I created several last year and they worked out great.

Jacksonville, NC(Zone 8b)

The way you explained that to me was just my style. Thanks so much for your input.

I totally forgot about that. -Gosh! What would I do without my DG friends. I probably would have remembered that after it was all done. LOL.

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