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can I grow rose bought from flower shops?

Beverly Hills, CA

since they sometimes sell nice roses and other things, can I buy the roses, cut the rose, and just use the rose cuttings and put them in the soil, will the roses grow?

Woodway, TX(Zone 8a)


Beverly Hills, CA

oh, has anyone ever tried that? I don't know if they have treated those things with special chemicals or anything.

(Rosie) Belturbet, Ireland

Cuttings will probably grow youngman but may not grow true to type - you could get a throwback. I think some minature roses definatly have a growth retardent added to keep them tiny. I grew some of these mini types in the garden but they ended up quite big strubs.

Christchurch, New Zealand

cuttings can grow but normally the kind of roses you get from a florist are a bit fussy about conditions.
Normally they are grown on a different root stock as the actual flowering part is susceptible to root disease
You might get lucky.
I would try cutting a slit in the end with a very clean sharp knife & then dip into hormone rooting powder to give it the best chance.
I stick cuttings straight into the ground when I prune, most of them take but I am just lucky with roses.
I know lots of people who think I am mad doing it so casually - but it works for me:)
cheers - Dalfyre

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

The roses from the florist have been grown on a different rootstock to the ones we buy from the garden store with roots and in pots, the florist type are grown for prolific flowering as cut flowers, they are treated with special hormones to grow lots of flowers in the one season and are then normally tossed away and new plants are ready to take their place, lots are grown indoors under glass /polythene houses to make sure the buds are not damaged with rain water etc, so as mentioned above you could be lucky, but I feel you would be disappointed with the results Youngman, but hey, it wont break the bank to give it a go, who knows, you might get a lovely surprise at the end of it. Good luck. WeeNel.

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