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Can we change/add our own headers in the Journal???

Mission (Hatzic Prai, Canada

I am new but I was wondering if there is anyway to change/add the headers in the Journal... It would be nice to be able to sort our plant lists based on color, height, or bloom time as well.... Would help with garden planning for sure!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If I understand correctly what you mean by headers, you can't change those. But what you can do if you want to be able to classify by something else is you can create categories based on colors or heights or bloom times, then if you want to view all your "short" plants you can go to "access by category" in your main menu and choose the "short" category and view all your short plants. The trouble is each plant can only go in one category, so if you wanted to be able to sort by colors and heights and bloom times, you'd need to have multiple copies of each plant (one to go in the "short" category, one for the "blue flowers" category, and one for the "fall bloomers" category. Or you can also get creative with the use of the location and status fields--you can sort by those in the table, so if you wanted you could use the location field to track flower color and the status field to track height while you use the categories for bloom time (for example).

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