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Moonvine seed

Nashville, TN

How do we know that the moonvine seed is ready to harvest? Mine has been blooming for months, but the seedpods are still so green. How long does it normally take them to ripe after the bloom faded?
Thanks for help.

Windsor, CT(Zone 6a)

Like the blooming, it may take forever! Check them after a hard frost maybe? Certainly the lower ones will be older than the top. I've never had luck with moonvine- and looks like not many others have either!

Since they're morning glories, I suspect that they'll open when they're good & ready. You could try the pantyhose/knee high trick and cut & wrap a pod to catch the seed when it opens.

Nashville, TN

Thanks Nedweenie,

I will try, in fact they are still blooming now. Actually the seed is very cheap, isn't it?. But it's fun to collect them tho. No problem with morning glory's seed as well ask hyacinch bean, have bunch of them. I wonder morning glory still blooming, but only one color, other's are finished blooming. Here is the picture, taken yesterday late afternoon. I guess I should change their name to "late afternoon glory" because normally they will close their petal's when about 9 am. LOL


Thumbnail by betra
Windsor, CT(Zone 6a)

That is gorgeous! I love the matching truck too! ;)

Fantastic, betra! Love the blue.
My "cheapo" morning glories (1st ones that have grown for me) do bloom only in the AM.
But they are still blooming after 1 frost and normal temps about 40 American during the day!

Nashville, TN

The truck unfortunately is not mine, that's neighbor's. Wish if I have a truck so that I can buy more plants and dirt, specially when I am visiting a nursery. God, I want to have a nursery!

Thanks, Jim.
I don't know what morning glory I have. I bought many packages last spring, blue, white, pink and purple.
I guess mine is confused with the weather, they thought the afternoon is still morning. For last 2 week the temperature at 2-3 pm about 65, it's about the same at 9 am during the summer.

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