Canna Lucifer

Decatur, AL(Zone 8a)

First time this year it bloomed for me. I have it since 5 years!! Not that I got it as seedling, it was a full grown plant when I bought it. It hasn't multiplied either. So I am extremely happy to see the booms for the very first time.

Thumbnail by Turtlegaby
Decatur, AL(Zone 8a)

Here is an other one

Thumbnail by Turtlegaby
Decatur, AL(Zone 8a)

and one more

Thumbnail by Turtlegaby
Louisville, KY

This is a very beautiful canna but I do not believe it is Lucifer. From what I remember lucifer is red with a yellow rim around the edge and the leaves are thin with veins that are unlike most canna leaves.

Coal Center, PA(Zone 6a)

It looks like 'Bugle Boy' to me.

Decatur, AL(Zone 8a)

Oh, yes, you guys are right. My mistake. I bought both varieties 5 years ago and only this one survived. Got me confused. It is Liberty bugle boy.
Never multiplied though and I was wondering, what's wrong.

Coushatta, LA

You have a beautiful canna.

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