Do I have Sprucei or Morifolia? Need ID Fast!!

DeRidder, LA(Zone 9a)

EricMN posted a picture & description of the same passiflora that I grow. ID'd as P. Sprucei. Today I put the seeds on ebay to sale as P. Sprucei and already have a bid on them. Just got an email from an Ebayer stating that this passion vine is P. Morifolia and not Sprucei. Can anyone give me the correct ID? Need to correct on Ebay if I have mislabled as soon as possible. Thanks in advance for any help.

Thumbnail by cannagirl
chilliwack, BC(Zone 8b)

Hi Dollie
I grow both of these and it looks a lot like my morifolia, smaller flowers than sprucei and the blue on it is paler.

DeRidder, LA(Zone 9a)

Jim, thank you so much!! Now to correct my mistake on ebay :)

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