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Tips for breaking in new hiking boots?

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

Er, this forum seems the most likely place to pose this question, but if there is a better place, let me know and I will start over.....

I just got a pair of hiking boots, pretty good quality I believe, fit nice, and I can tell I need to adjust to them or soften them.... would love a "blisterless" approach if anyone has one. I can feel just a little rub on my heel, but a half size smaller would be too small, so..... Any tricks for this? Or is it just a matter of wearing them til they soften up some? They actually feel quite good, just around the house....

This area I live in now sort of demands "serious shoes" and I am more used to living in sandals and flip flops, so...... gosh, everything is a learning curve, isn't it? ;-)

thanks in advance,

Missouri City, TX

I've always just "walked" mine in. Take a series of 30 minute - 1 hour minute hikes. That way you won't hurt your feet, and the leather will begin to stretch to your exact fit.

You also might pose the question in the Camping, Outdoor, Hunting, etc. Forums.

Richmond, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks! And, yeah, that would be the place, I just didn't find it (that forum, I mean) ;-)

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