Egg Yolk as Fertilizer?

San Diego, CA

Hi there! My mom uses one Egg yolk as fertilizer for our one Dendrobium and Phal. The Dendrobium we had for about two years and it has flowered for us twice, not including the blooms that were on it already when we first bought them. The dendrobium blooms are still on and have been looking good so far for about 2 months! The phal we just bought a week ago. My mom takes the egg out of the fridge, let it thaw out a little bit, then cracks the egg and puts in the egg yolk into the base of the plant. My mom does this about every month and it really seems to work! I just want to know if you guys do this too and if its o.k. on a Phal since our Dendrobium seems to like it...

P.S. By the way, the Dendrobium is already forming another flower spike!

New York, NY(Zone 6a)

This is a new one. Does your mome flush it out afterwards? or dilute it with water? Since the egg yolk is organic material, doesn't it decompose if left there too long? What does it smell like? It sounds like an invitation for bugs, bacteria, virus galore. I hesitate to try this but it seems to be working for your mom. Anyone else out there have an opinion on this? or had tried this?

Lebanon, MO

Not me !! sounds like an invitation for fungus and or bacterial rot . Nope !!!lol Gin

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