Rooted starts to trade

I have green and white varigated jew, purple jew, pothos ivy, regular ivy, Some plant called purple heart(it makes a huge basket, real pretty), what my gramma calls creeping charlie,green spider plantlets, a few regular jade leaves and a few miniture jade leaves(not yet rooted). I have a plant that has like red furry catapillar looking things on it, but not sure how to root this ? Only one trade of each of the above consisting of 3-4 little starts. except the jade leaves they're are only a few of those to go. Would like to trade for other houseplants.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

"I have a plant that has like red furry catapillar looking things": This sounds like you might have the plant "chenille plant aka acalypha hispida" and it's cuttings can be rooted in water, soil, or it can be soil layered to propagate.

yes thats the name i had forgot it. thank you for telling me i can cut it back some and make other pots of it.

Iola, WI

My Chenille does great outside for the summer but is Very Messy as an over-wintered plant. It Does get more 'chenilles" over the winter but drops a mess of leaves also!

Put it somewhere it's easy to clean up after!

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