Bundled Babies crocheted afghan

Friendswood, TX

Well, I've seen a photo of a baby blanket I would like to try, except it isn't there anymore.

Here's the link to a picture of it:


It's toward the middle of the page, and of course is just a picture, no pattern.

Originally it had been at a site called CraftClick, but that site was absorbed into another art supply business which no longer carries any type of needlecraftng supplies.

The blog owner doesn't list any way of getting in contact with her.

The wayback machine / Internet archive doesn't have the pattern stored in their archives.

Other crochet pattern pages that list links to the page it used to be on don't work either.

I printed out the picture and am trying to work it up myself, but what I'm doing isn't looking like what is in the picture.

So, if anyone out there has this pattern, or can direct me to the book it is in so I can buy it, I'd appreciate it.

Wimauma, FL(Zone 9b)

I'm so sorry!

Finding a pattern you want to make and then not being able to get the pattern is so frustrating.

I've never seen that pattern that I remember, but it looks like it may have been taken out of a magazine.

Are you on Ravelry? There's a remote chance that someone there might remember where it's from.

I was going to suggest making it a saved search on ebay - but if it's from a magazine a search wouldn't find it.

Good luck...

Friendswood, TX

You know, that putting a watch on Ebay isn't a bad idea.

I came to know the source of the baby rings layette because someone was auctioning off an already made set.

Someone may well decide to auction off a bundled babies and then I could ask about the source of the pattern.

I'm not on Ravelry, but I am on a couple of other crochet groups.
I've never needed to post to the groups before because someone else always has inquired about the pattern I'm thinking about!

I may need to step up to the front for this one though!

Friendswood, TX

Just letting everyone who reads this know that I received a response to a thread I posted on another board and now have the pattern.

The designers' name is Mary Smith.

Wimauma, FL(Zone 9b)

Woo hoo!

Congratulations on getting the pattern :)

Valdosta, GA(Zone 8b)


Can you tell me where I can find the pattern? I have a grandaughter due in December and that blanket would be ideal. Thanks in advance.

Tami :)

Friendswood, TX


Looks like someone posted the instructions on a web site. No picture though, but if you click on my link at the top, the photo is still up on that girl's blog page and you should be able to right click save and print it out that way.

I am currently making it getting rid of colors in my stash and it is turning out pretty cute! It is really fun to make and the squares work up pretty quickly.

Good luck everyone!

Oracle , AZ(Zone 8b)

Hey shoes, that is really a cute pattern. No wonder you wanted it. I'm not into crochet myself but I enjoy what others do. How about a photo when you've finished?

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