pecan pie failure

Tyler, TX(Zone 8b)

I was given a large bag of pecan halves and made a pie to share with the person who gave them to me. I used a recipe I had made before but substituted dark corn syrup for the clear kind the recipe called for. There were three eggs in the filling. When it came out of the oven I have to say it looked like a picture in a magazine. I noticed the middle jiggled a little, but had to take it out because the pastry was really brown. After it cooled I cut a small slice to taste and to my horror the filling was just liquid. Really runny. I ate it with a spoon and it was delicous. What could have been wrong? My friend says she uses dark corn syrp when she makes pecan pie.

Plano, TX

it wasn't the syrup--dark or light will be the same results
if the crust is burning before the full cooking time maybe the heat was too high--i guess you could put some foil around the rim so that part doesn't burn or turn heat down and keep cooking--

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

I use pie crust shields on pies that need a longer cooking time for the filling to set.
They make them in a single piece to fit specific pie sizes or in adjustable multi piece sets. I prefer the adjustable ones as I tend to flute the crust at the rim. The fluting doesn't always fit in a standard one piece pie crust shield.

Plano, TX

isn't that handy! i always did the foil but this looks much easier

Clay Center, KS(Zone 5b)

Another solution, although not ideal, is to place the baked pecan pie in the microwave for a few minutes until the center heats enough to set up.
I've done this in a pinch, but you have to watch it carefully, the heating time can vary. I have the pie crust shields, seems I don't do well with the foil, if falls off or I break up the crust.

I think that you didn't get the center hot enough. You're basically making candy inside a pie crust, and temperature is very important to making the filling set. If you don't have a shield, cheat and make one out of aluminum foil. The dark/light syrup was not relevant.

San Francisco Bay Ar, CA(Zone 9b)

I agree with andi that the center of the pie didn't get hot enough during the bake.
Try wrapping your crust with foil as suggested. Another technique that has helped for me is to put one of the oven racks in the slot *above* the rack holding the pie. Then put a cookie sheet on that top rack. The pie crust shields are best (whether purchased or homemade), but sometimes you don't think you're going to need them and need to take quick action.

I use brown rice syrup rather than corn syrup when I make pecan pie.

Tyler, TX(Zone 8b)

Since this problem ,I ordered the pie shields from Sur La Table. Ordered for my friend as well..I'll be ready next time , Many thanks for all the advice. I don't often have kitchen disasters.

Chillicothe, OH

maybe you just made one of those never-to-be-repeated boo-boos like reading the temp gage wrong. Happens to the best of us now and then.

Not a new stove, pan or anything else, was it?


Metro DC, MD(Zone 7a)

What temp was your oven set at?

Most pecan pie recipes tend to call for oven temp's which are too high and the filling and crust cook unevenly as a result. To get around these uneven cooking problems, first pre-bake the pie shell. Heat the filling over a double boiler until shiny and it reaches about 130 degrees. Pour into hot pie shell and bake at 275 and bake until center is set, but still soft - 50 or 60 minutes. Let it cool completely prior to serving, even if you intend to serve it warmed up... hope that helps!

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